Sunday, February 2, 2014

Road Trip

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday. I quickly checked the weather outside my window. Hmmm… looks like we had a dusting of snow overnight, maybe even a half inch, but there was nothing going on at that time.

So, I took my time and got ready. I had a doctor’s appointment at 9:30 a.m. It was snowing then, so I left at 8:30 (its 23 miles and, according to Yahoo maps, a 28 minute trip). I left early as it had started to snow again and quite heavily.

Speaking of Yahoo Maps, I decided to try out the Google Navigator app on my cell phone. Now, if you remember, I am NOT a fan of this. My friend B___’s Garmin just pissed me off, saying, “Don’t turn here!” “Continue on” and so on.

But this just said “turn here in 1/4 miles” “turn here” and so on.  And, I could live with that. And, she was right! Women have made great strides since I was married…

My doctor visit was a non-issue. She made it a physical because my insurance pays for physicals (imagine 50 years ago a doctor even thinking about insurance implications!) So I got the whole deal; EKG, bum check and so on…

Almost everything was fine (BP 110/80, etc.). But, ever since that stupid spinal infection (where I lost all that weight) she’s had trouble getting the Metformin dosage right. Apparently it’s tied to your weight or something. So, this time she said she needed to increase the dosage and she gave me a script for that.

It was almost 11:00 a.m. when I was trudging through the thick, heavy snow out to the truck. I fired it up and drove carefully the long way home. I only saw one spinout on I-75. A guy in a silver Miata was crunched up against the divider wall, facing the wrong way. He looked embarrassed.

I had been thinking about the Super Bowl (how could you not? It’s on every TV and radio station). Not about the game, but about the food, LOL! And, as I drove back home, I decided what I wanted this weekend was tacos and fried chicken legs.

But there was a catch. I don’t have any hard taco shells or chicken legs. So, when I got off I-96 onto Beech Daly, I drove down to that little grocery store that’s now owned by the dollar store next to it.

Sidebar: The navigation lady did not like this. She kept telling me to make a U-turn. I finally shut the app off.

I picked up some taco shells, salsa and a package of chicken legs. Then I drove home, unaided by GPS.

After arriving home, unloading and putting away the groceries and treating the cats, I decided it was time (well, past time) to take the bird seed out back and fill the feeders. I couldn’t do this last weekend because of my wrist, you see. So, I put on my boots and trudged through the drifts. The heavy snow had covered all the pine trees and I had to take a picture for you.

What was weird is that it was now raining! I got soaked!! But, I filled the bird feeder with seed and the squirrel feeder with peanuts and went back inside, content.

At exactly 1:00 p.m., the emergency sirens for Redford Township went off. WTF? The snow? Fire? Terrorist? Nuclear bombs? I dunno…

I shucked my wet clothes and hung them on the kitchen chairs (still in the living room). I put on my bathrobe and watched the old John Wayne movie, True Grit. I actually like the newer version better, but, oh well… It’s the Duke!

About 5:00 p.m., I moseyed into the kitchen and made the taco meat. Unfortunately, the only taco seasoning mix they had at the market was Lawry’s (I told you it was a small market, right?) and it was so bland as to be invisible. So, after taste-testing, I added some ancho chili powder. That helped. But I wish I had bought some taco sauce. I also found I had NO refried beans in the pantry. I put them on the grocery list, but it didn’t do me any good at the time.

So, I built my tacos. I put on some salsa, lettuce and shredded cheddar cheese and ate two of them. They were just okay… I should have stopped at Taco Bell on my way home…

I cleaned up the kitchen and then went back to watching TV until I got bored. Then I read until I fell asleep.


  1. Here in the Clem they test the sirens on the first Saturday of the month at 1 pm. I would assume Redford does the same! No "Terrorist? Nuclear bombs?" are running around Redford...Now Saint Clair Shores is another matter.
    p;s. So how's your "Bum"???

  2. @GPF: Ah, I see. Probably just a test. I don't know anything about St. Clair Shores, but I did see where human body parts were found in St. Clair County! I guess I got out just in time!

    P.S. My bum was fine, too!

  3. Well, I'm glad you're in good health. You got to remember to watch your bum. Doctor's love bums and love to put things in your bum :)

  4. @Carla: Well, you are right,but ewwwwww!