Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Messy Tuesday

According to the news Tuesday morning, we officially had just under four inches of snow overnight. But, it was warmer! I got dressed early, so I could wash the floors in the house (another thing that should have been done instead of Olympics watching). I started in the bedroom, then the office, working my way backwards. Next I did the bathroom and hallway. I finished with the kitchen and then prepared to leave.

Now, normally, mopping the floors is just a chore. But, I spiced it up by pretending I was on a curling team and sweeping in front of a stone. It was harder to do with a swifter, but I was going for the gold!

I was backing out of my driveway when I realized somebody from the townhouse across the road had backed into the trashcan, knocking it over and spilling the kitchen bags out. I got out and immediately stepped in snow that was over my shoes. I put everything back together, put the lid back on and drove to work in four-wheel drive. I spent most of the morning in wet socks…

BTW, the roads hadn’t been touched! So, even though it was only seven miles, it was white-knuckled driving all the way.

My friend Michelle from Facilities brought me in some chicken noodle soup she had made over the weekend. She raved on and on about the bacon-wrapped pork loin I had brought in last week for her to try. I think I blushed.

I went to the Newburgh Grill at lunch and got a cup of bean with ham soup (they only make it on Tuesdays and it’s the only soup they make there that I really like) and a patty melt. Both were excellent.

It was already 30 degrees F. and they must have salted, as the roads were not treacherous, just sloppy.

The afternoon was long (as they always are)

But eventually it was time to go home. As I said, the roads were sloppy, so I had to keep using my windshield washers to make sure I could dodge the potholes on I-96.

I got home, retrieved the now-empty trash can and the mail and headed in. I closed the garage door on the day (poetic metaphor – hey, I’m a poet! Don’t mess with me!) and went in to treat the cats and change clothes.

I took my shoes off and enjoyed the clean floors in my socks. I started watching the news and never even looked at the ToDo list.

I warmed up Michelle’s chicken noodle soup for dinner. It was excellent! I especially liked the kluski noodles as I have to use them myself.

I watched the first Jimmy Fallen Tonight show on the DVDR player and then switched to the Olympics until bedtime.


  1. I will be happy when the Olympics are over and we can read an interesting blog for a change!!
    Hope the Cats appreciated the clean floor!

  2. Touché! I will endeavor to not disappoint you again.

    For Pete's sake, I even had a butt shot and you're still not happy!