Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hump Day

I woke up early on Wednesday, so I putzed a bit and had two cups of coffee. Then I went to work. It was cold with enough wind to hurt your face. So, I went back to gloves and my stocking cap.

I went to Time Out for lunch and got a salad, topped with chicken and bacon (Ranch dressing). It was good, but no way could I eat all of it!

When I got home, Caley rushed out to meet me. She seems to be pretty lonely and doesn’t leave my side much.

I started the Wednesday night wash. There were two loads, the extra one with all the towels I used last night to mop up the water.

While they were working through, I put the leftover ham and bean soup into my four-cup containers. I got three of them! I managed to rearrange the fridge freezer to fit in two of them. I’ll just have to eat the last container. I left the Dutch oven to soak.

So, I warmed up a small bowl of soup and made a smoked turkey sandwich. I ate that while I watched the Nightly News.

I watched Mike Duggan, the Mayor of Detroit, give his first State of the City address. He made some good points and had some good ideas. I just hope he can pull it off.

I switched to the Red Wings game (nice to have them back) after the Mayor’s address and watched that until it ended. Then I went to bed.

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