Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finally Friday

It was windy Friday morning, but not below freezing. So, I wore my jacket instead of my winter coat. My friend, Michelle, brought me a dish of something she created: part of a boneless chicken breast, flattened and then rolled up with provolone cheese. Then she wrapped them with bacon, fried them and covered them with a homemade Alfredo and mushroom sauce. She said she served them on top of egg noodles and her family loved them. Thanks!

I only drove to Time out for lunch, but in just that short distance, I had to dodge flying debris! I watched the first period of the US versus Canada men’s Olympic hockey game while I ate a pulled pork sandwich. Back at work, I followed it on a friend's tablet who was live-streaming it: Great game, but dammit!

I got home, treated the cats and then got started on the dishwasher plumbing. I cleaned the ends of the new and cut off pipes and then pushed on the SharkBites. It was simple. I stopped short of attaching them as I still need to clean the old solder off the main pipe.

Old school I couldn't do (but cheap)
SharkBites (easy, but $7.00 each)

I warmed up Michelle’s dish while I made some wide egg noodles. I plated it and had an excellent dinner!

I worked on the computer for a while, then watched taped DIY shows until bedtime.


  1. !Will we have a dishwasher in 2014????

  2. I freaking hope so. This weekend is dedicated to doing just that! I am getting dishwasher hands...