Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It was colder still on Tuesday (God, I am getting tired of writing that…) and you felt it if you were outside for a while. But the winds weren’t as bad today. There is no relief yet in the seven day forecast, though.  I can’t wait for next month’s gas bill… oh, wait! Yes I can!!

I stopped at Home Depot before work to pick something up, but they were all out. So, it was a cold walk in the parking lot for nothing!

I came home at lunch because I had to pick up a prescription at CVS. My friend Michelle in Facilities had brought me over a container of soup her husband had made. So, that’s what I ate for lunch (I was going to go with chicken fried rice, of course).

It was called Zoupa Toscana and had potatoes, spinach, leeks and Italian sausage in a light cream broth. It was spicy, but pretty good!

I got home at the usual time, got in the trash can, treated the cats and changed clothes. I did some work on the computer for a while. Next I watched the Nightly news.

By then I was hungry, so I made a turkey sandwich with romaine lettuce and mayo. I had a handful of Better Made potato chips and a McClure’s pickle as my sides. It was an excellent dinner.

I had a lengthy telephone conversation with a lady and we hung up just in time for me to watch NCIS. Damn! It was a rerun! Then I watched NCIS Los Angeles (also a rerun).

I shut off the TV and switched to reading until bedtime.

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