Thursday, January 30, 2014

Truck Pictures (Finally!)

Running Boards

Tail Gate Extender

Rear Camera and Backup Sensors Display

Rail system on sides and bottom of bed for moveable tie down anchors


  1. Looking sharp! Nice that the bed liner is factory.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, one of concerns when I first researched the truck (before I went to the dealer) was that I couldn't get it, since I didn't order the truck. But, as luck would have it, the truck I got already had it!

  3. Looks really nice...although can't read what the brand is on the upside down steering wheel. question: 1.) what is pic #7? to hold things in? 2.) hopefully you are getting a handicap plate...don't know how to tell you, but your not getting any younger or better. p.s. I like the blue...looks good

  4. @GPF: 1.) It's called a tail gate extender. It flips over and pulls out so that when you have the tail gate down for, say 2x4's, you can put 8 foot things in the truck bed (it's only a 6 foot bed) without them falling out. 2.) Yes, the dealership said they could get me a handicap plate. The only thing they don't know is if it will be mailed to them or me. so, it may take another trip to the dealer, but its not that far.

    p.s. I'm slowly getting used to the blue. It's just me, I know. I have certain things stuck in my head, like all dogs are male, all cats are female and all trucks are red...