Thursday, January 30, 2014

Then it was Wednesday…

It was a little warmer on Wednesday, but still windy. I went to Time Out for lunch and had a bowl of chicken noodle soup and what they called a turkey Rueben. It was turkey, of course, and Thousand Island dressing on grilled bread. But it had coleslaw instead of sauerkraut which, in my mind anyway, technically makes it a turkey Dinty Moore.

Okay, I suppose its nit-picking…

After I ate, I drove up Plymouth Road to the Foodland (open 24 hours) at Farmington. I bought the few things on my grocery list, but what I really needed was more Hefty Zip Lock Gallon baggies.

I stopped at the Goodwill on the way back and dropped off yet another box of books and an old (but warm) overcoat.

I went home after work and took in the groceries. I treated the cats and then went into the bedroom to change my clothes. That’s when I found somebody had barfed, both on the bedspread and the little rug next to the bed. Gee, thanks!

So, instead of the usual Wednesday night wash, I had to do two loads.

I put away the groceries. When I went to put the baggies in the drawer, the drawer face pulled loose! Damn!

I emptied the drawer contents onto the counter. Then, I turned on the air compressor and hooked up the nail gun. I glued the face and, after tapping it back together, put a few extra nails in it to secure it tightly. I put it 3/4 of the way back into the cabinet and left it to dry overnight.

So much for all the things I had “planned” on doing tonight…

When the dryer stopped, I remade the bed and put the other load in it. I warmed up another healthy (sic) serving of Shrimp and Grits and ate that watched the tail end of the Nightly News.

I couldn’t find anything al that interesting on cable, so I decided to check out Roku. I got the dreaded message that the Roku couldn’t my Wi-Fi! So, I went in the office, climbed under the desk and disconnected the router. I waited a bit and reconnected it. I tried it and, “bingo,” it connected!

I chose Netflix and, after a long wait, I got a message there was an “internal error at Netflix and I should try again later.”

I picked the wrong week to give up heroin…

I watched a couple of taped shows and then switched to reading until I went to bed at 10:30 p.m.

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