Saturday, January 4, 2014

TGIF (Slip-sliding away)

Note: I apologize for this being so late. I finally got a good night’s sleep and woke up Saturday morning just in time to throw some clothes on and go dig out the outside cleanout for the sewer guys.

Friday’s drive into work was just as bad as Thursday. Still no plowing around here (on the surface streets, at least) and too damn cold for salt to work (-2 degrees F. when I left for work).

I had to go to Best Buy at lunch, so I stopped into Time Out and got a bowl of potato soup and a chicken salad pita.

But, by lunchtime, the temps had “soared” into the 20’s and the salt was finally starting to work. So, driving was now not treacherous, just sloppy.

So, I took the E-way home after work. It wasn’t as bad as I feared and I actually got the car up to 60 MPH!

Once home, I changed clothes, treated cats and relaxed by watching the news. I talked to my daughter, Melissa and my friend B___. I apologized to both for not driving up to see them for the Holidays, but I have sewer guys coming in the morning on Saturday, a whole, trashed house to clean, a dishwasher to install, dishes to wash and several loads of clothes to run through. And, it’s now supposed to snow 8-10 inches starting sometime Saturday afternoon. So, I’m staying in this weekend!

I watched TV until I got sleepy and then shut it off. I have had insomnia for the past several days (making afternoons at work intolerable) and feared I would never sleep right again. But, I finally did!


  1. Hearing a lot about sewers and snow but can't help but notice I'm not hearing a lot about dishwasher installations...

  2. What is with you and this dishwasher? It is like the last thing on my mind!!!