Saturday, January 11, 2014

I HATE 2014!!!

It was a balmy 30 degrees F. when I woke up Friday morning. I looked outside, half-expecting to see palm trees…

I hung up my down coat in the front hall closet and got out my lighter jacket. When I left for work, I pulled the car out of the garage and left it running. Then I went back in and swept a ton of water on the garage floor out the door.

I only hit one pile of existing snow on Plymouth Road (just before Merriman). The side streets, however, were still snow-covered and slippery.

I went to Time Out again (this seems to be my “Cheers” or something) and decided to splurge on the fish and chips. I asked for tartar sauce and the malt vinegar (it’s obscene to advertise “fish and chips” without malt vinegar). The waitress (Natalie) came back and said all they had was white vinegar. I told her, “Bullsh*t! I bought a bottle of it myself a month ago and brought it in. Go back and look again.” Sure enough, she found it and I had a delicious lunch. I over-tipped her to compensate for saying “Bullsh*t!”

It was 36 degrees F. when I drove home on the expressway (first time in like forever). Nobody got over 60 mph, but the roads were just slushy. So, I used the windshield washers more than the throttle.

When I got home, I shucked my jacket and went to treat the cats. That’s when I noticed it felt… chilly. I check the thermostat and it read 65 degrees. Oh, shit! So, I checked the furnace and, sure enough, it was dead, again… I tried turning off the power and then the thermostat but, nada…

I called my new best friend Scott, but only got his voicemail. So I left a message and then got out the propane heater.

Sidebar: Please note that this time I was not freakin’ out. 65 degrees is all I could get the house up to when it was -13 degrees outside. It was +36 degrees out there, so I was not afraid of burst pipes.

Moving on, I made up the weekend ToDo list and the potential grocery list. I say “potential” as I have a massage appointment and then a haircut appointment scheduled Saturday morning. After that, I planned to go to Kroger and Westborn. But all that now hinges on somebody else’s schedule…

We’ll see…

I filled in the Blog entry and then went to warm up more pasta for my dinner.

My daughter, Melissa, called and we talked for a long time. They are going to look at an old farmhouse tomorrow that sounds promising. After we said our goodbyes, I watched some TV and then went to bed, discouraged.


  1. Hey pal, you can't ask for a refund just yet. You're only 10 minutes in to a six hour epic movie. Of course the protagonist is going to face some initial obstacles. Dumbo's life didn't start out perfect.

  2. Are you saying I have big ears???