Thursday, December 12, 2013


Wednesday was cold and snowy (what else?) It’s not that this is unusual for Michigan, it’s just kinda early in the season for it. For example, the average low for this time of year is 26 degrees F. Our “high” today was 21 degrees!

At noon, I dusted the snow off the car and went home for lunch. I had to stop at CVS, so I got some chicken fried rice. Then the cats ate their treat and I ate mine.

Once I was home after work, I found my first Christmas card in the mail and a birthday present on my front porch! I didn’t open my present though, as it’s not my birthday yet.

I did the Wednesday wash and filled out more of my own Christmas cards. I ate the rest of my fried rice for dinner. My back had been hurting all day from laying on the kitchen floor and leveling the stove the night before. So, I didn’t do much, just laid in bed watching a little TV and going to bed early.

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