Friday, December 6, 2013


It was 60 degrees F. here in Redford when I woke up, but the temps were going to fall all day long to a low tonight in the teens tonight. Luckily, the major ice storm that’s going to stretch from Texas to the east coast is running just south of here. So, we dodged another bullet.

Now, I mentioned the Holiday potluck at work. I had fully intended to bring Swedish meatballs, which would have been the easiest choice, given the short notice. However, I was guilt-tripped (don’t ask) into making my macaroni and cheese. So, at lunch, I went to Kroger’s to get the various cheeses, milk and heavy cream I needed. I was shocked when they told me that they were out of flat leaf parsley. How the hell do you run out of flat leaf parsley? It’s not that exotic of an ingredient!

Sidebar: I was waiting in line when an older couple in front of me started to unload their cart. All they had in it were what seemed like an enormous amount of Koegel meat products: Hot dogs, smoked sausage and bologna rings.  I was thinking they must be on sale when the woman caught me staring. She said to her husband, “People around here must think we’re nuts!” Then she told me they had moved down south and were just back home visiting her parents for Thanksgiving. She said they always stock up on Koegel’s when in Michigan, because “You just can’t get these down south! They look at you like you’re crazy if you ask for ring bologna.” I laughed and told her I understood. I said my son and his wife have the same problem! I said, “But, on the other hand, I can’t get onion sausage up here, so I try and bring some back with me.”

Her husband told me that they had planned on leaving Friday, but because of the ice storm, they were heading out tonight. I said that made perfect sense and wished them good luck.

So, after a long wait in line, I left there and went to Westborn for flat leaf parsley. As a result of all the shenanigans, I got home, put the stuff in the fridge and headed straight back to work without eating lunch. I was still late, though. But, I did bring an apple to get me through the rest of the day.

The afternoon did drag though…

It was 37 degrees F. at 5:00 pm. I got home after work, only to learn that Nelson Mandela had died. I was bummed. I must admit that he, Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi are among the select few of my heroes. I admired their non-violent stance. I should add that I could never do that, as I have always been too pissed and too violent. But I admire them…

Sidebar: That led me to thinking about Paul Walker’s death. I was a little taken aback by the outpouring of grief at an actor’s death in a car accident. I mean, I liked “The Fast and the Furious” (I’ve never seen any of the sequels) but, come on… Then I remembered my own disbelief at learning about James Dean’s death back in the ‘50s. I guess every generation has its own movie heroes…

But, enough about grief. I had macaroni and cheese to make!

Sidebar: like Giada, I took a chunk out of my finger during prepping, but I did it with the box grater. I put a bandage on it and then a latex glove and soldiered on…

So, I did. I eventually dirtied almost every damn dish in the cupboard, but I finally got it in the oven.

Sidebar: I love mac & cheese as much as the next guy, but you people have no idea what a pain in the ass this recipe is to make. See recipes!

I took a page from Jake and Carla’s playbook and bought an aluminum roasting pan to bake it in. One less dish to wash…

Once it finished baking. I let it cool. I had a bowl of it for my dinner (just to taste-test, of course). Not my best, but pretty good. I think I put it in too large a pan and, as a result, it dried out more than usual. I think I can fix it when I put it into the slow cooker.

I read a book for a while (it was too late to get into a movie) and then went to bed.


  1. Now if we could just figure out hunter sausage!

  2. Good point! As it is, I have to travel 70 miles to get it and, now that my Doctor moved, I'll probably never taste it again...

  3. It is your destiny to obtain the recipe and distribute the golden wurst across the land!

  4. Where do you but it, John?

  5. @GPF: A little place called "The Smoke House," near where we used to live in Columbus. The store is on Gratiot, just north of Palms Road. It's homemade and can't be beat!