Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunday Services

Sunday morning was mostly sunny. I don't know what the temperature was but it was warm enough that you didn't need a coat.

Sidebar: I realized when writing the above that I haven't talked about the weather. Now, I admit, it has not been in the 80's (like it was a few short weeks ago), but for the most part, wearing a coat has been optional. And, in the afternoons, it was comfortable to be in shorts and a t-shirt outside. A far cry from the weather I left back home...

Anyway, we left for today's' culinary adventure: Brunch at Motor Supply Company Bistro. It's an eclectic restaurant in an old building in downtown Columbia. Next to an art gallery, it displays fantastic paintings on the walls. It partners with local farmers to ensure the freshest ingredients, both vegetables and meats. As such, they never seem to know "exactly" what they are going to serve. So, the menu is hand written each day.

So, we got there as early as we could, so we didn't have to wait for a table, but there were still a lot of people already there. We studied our hand written menu and decided on the following:

Carla got the Buttermilk-Smoked Gouda Biscuit plate with creamy homemade sausage gravy, Wit-More Farms scrambled eggs and Adluh Stone Ground grits. Jake ordered the House Smoked Prime Rib with Port Wine Demi Glace, the scrambled eggs and grits. And I ordered the Sugar Cured Boneless pork chops, smothered with tomato-bacon gravy and served with a cheesy potato bake.

Mine was fantastic! And the slice of tomato and a raw asparagus spear were the perfect accompaniment. I did a small tasting of the other dishes and they were excellent as well. Great place, but get there early! It was filling up before we finished.

When we got back home Jake, Carla and Whiskey took a long walk. I begged off, having been on one of their "short" walks before. It's not the distance. They walk too fast for an old crip like me!

In the afternoon, we watched another movie. Again, in my efforts to summarize things, I haven't mentioned this but we watched several traditional Holiday movies so far, like "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer" and the "Wizard of Oz." You know, those classics that warm your heart this time of year. Today's viewing was "Schindler's List." Um... not so much heartwarming... But, it was an excellent movie that I always wanted to see...

With the leftovers almost gone and nobody in the mood to cook, we ordered pizza and a side order of bruschetta for dinner. We made it an early night for the folks who had to go to work in the morning.

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