Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Monday, Playing in the Snow

It had stopped snowing by the time I left for work on Monday morning. The driveway and the side streets (including my own) were snow-covered and slippery, but Plymouth Road had been salted. So, the drive in wasn’t treacherous.

The temps were falling all day, though and the winds had picked up. So, I walked inside both times.

It had started lightly snowing again, so I just went to Time Out for lunch, rather than driving all the way home. I had a bowl of potato and bacon soup that was outstanding! Now, I’ve had potato soup topped with bacon bits before. But this soup had lardons of bacon in with the potato. It tasted so good I wondered why I had never thought of this before.

Note to Self: Make some!

They called in the afternoon to say that the stove would be delivered on Tuesday, but the dishwasher wouldn’t get here before Christmas! She said I would get a call later tonight with my three hour window delivery time. I told her to have the guys call me before they came and I would drive home from work, instead. Let's hope that works...

Back home after work, I washed the stove (seemed silly, but…) and then disconnected the gas line. I took off the flare fitting from the pipe as well (I don’t think it comes with the new stove).

Since I had the sweeper out, I ran it through the whole house. Then I moved the kitchen chairs into the front room and pushed the table back against the wall. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for the delivery guys to get the old stove out (free pickup, thank God) and the new stove in.

Since I had no stove, I warmed up a chicken pot pie in the microwave for dinner.

I made sure that “Bonnie and Clyde, Part II” would be taped, because I didn’t think I would stay up until 11:00 p.m. Sure enough, I didn’t…


  1. Any excuse to eat the Marie 1200 calorie Chicken Pot Pies with 92 grams of fat....eh?

  2. Damn! Why you always hating on poor Marie?