Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Homeward Bound…

(and not all that happy about it, LOL)

Both Jake and Carla had to work on Tuesday, so Carla took me to the airport. I said goodbye to Jake and Whiskey at the house, and Carla at the airport when she dropped me off.

It bummed me out…

I had the time, so I got an egg, cheese and sausage biscuit with a cup of coffee while I waited for the flight. I was about finished with my last book, so I went into the little bookstore and bought another. That’s where I met a fellow traveler. She was young, brunet, cute and really interesting. We chatted for a long while and then her flight was called and she left, never to be seen again.


While I was waiting for my flight, my friend Vicky from work called. It sounds like her baby, Yanessa’s, cold is worse. Which I don’t understand as she has taken her to her doctor, to the ER, etc. And this was weeks ago!  A “cold” shouldn’t last this long.

Maybe I just worry too much…

Anyway, she said it was snowing in Detroit! (Great). I told her I was taking a prop plane to Charlotte and she mentioned the first time she ever flew in an airplane. She was a little kid (she still is, in my mind) and when they landed in Puerto Rico, everybody in the plane applauded. So, she was very disappointed when they landed back in Detroit on the way home and nobody did…

So, I promised her that, when I landed in Detroit, I would clap. We then took off in the prop plane for Charlotte. I had about an hour to waste there.

Traveler’s Tip: Keep a few dollar bills in your pocket. Unlike The “D” or Columbia, the restrooms in Charlotte are manned with attendants, who hand you towels, offer you mouthwash or mints, etc., and chat you up. You can, of course, ignore them, but personally I feel like a heel not putting “something” in their tip boxes.

Sidebar: along with enjoying flying, I love people watching on flights. And, I noticed a weird thing. The flight down to Charlotte from Detroit was so full, they offered great perks for anybody who would take another flight. And, all the women were pretty.

But on the way back to Detroit from Charlotte, the plane was half empty and you couldn’t find a pretty woman anywhere (I know, I looked).

You can draw your own conclusions, but I think all the pretty people are leaving Detroit.

Anyway, I digress. I landed and I clapped. I didn’t clap long as the guy sitting next to me seemed to think I was crazy. I deboarded (is that a word?) the plane and it wasn’t snowing. It was cold, but raining. I sent a text to let everybody know I was on the ground in the D and then went to secure my bag. It took a while but I finally got out of there.

It took longer to find my car, but I finally did. Then I drove out into the rain and cold.

Sidebar: That’s why I LOVE Metro Cars! I would much rather be in the  back of a Lincoln or a Caddy and having a driver speed me home that driving my car through this shit!

Anyway, I got home and all seemed well.  The house was still standing and nobody had broken in. The first thing I did was give the cats some treats. Caley was skittish, though, and kept running from me and hissing at Scruffy.

I had gotten home before the garbage man had come, so I quickly wheeled my trashcan out to the road. Then I got the wheel barrow out and took all the used cat litter back to the compost pile. The back room didn’t smell as bad as I thought it would, but I cracked the window and inch or two, anyway. I got fresh water in their regular water dishes and that took care of the cats.

I unpacked my suitcase next. I put my clean pants and shirts in the dryer to fluff them up before I hung them up. I took my time and carefully put everything in its place while watching the afternoon news.

I heated a can of roast beef hash and topped it with two over easy eggs for dinner. I watched Jeopardy (for Carla) and then switched back to reading. I started nodding off about 8:30 p.m. so I went to bed. It was a long day…

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