Thursday, November 7, 2013


It rained off and on all day Wednesday. I went to Time Out for lunch so I could take another load of “stuff” to Goodwill.

When I got home, I changed clothes, started the Wednesday Night Wash,  and went out to the garage. I was disappointed to see that the Liquid Nails was not dry yet. The adhesive caulk dried in 24 hours! So, I took the book inside and set it on the kitchen floor with a 10-pound weight on top of it to prevent warping.

Then I went back out and pounded the dowel through all the books. I used the Liquid Nails (despite my misgivings) to glue each one together. This was not easy!!!

I drilled a 3/8-inch hole halfway through the base in its center. Then I used Elmer’s Wood Glue to glue the dowel in place. I got the top book as level as I could and set another 10-pound weight on top of it while it all dries.

I had put a frozen container of that Tuscan Soup in the fridge to thaw Wednesday morning. But it still was frozen when I went to eat dinner. So, I settled for a can of Dinty Moore beef stew and two slices of bread, instead.

I tooke the laundry out of the dryer and either hung up or folded the clothes. I watched a little TV but went to bed early (again).


  1. When's the grand unveiling?

  2. It's coming, but I ain't too happy with this one! Cool concept, Sucky outcome. I have options, but didn't think this through enough. You win some and you lose some, I guess.

  3. It's never too late to buy that pages router bit...

  4. You know, Melissa took your idea (I had explained it) and ran with it. She said she had seen where people cut out a square on the inside of a book to hide valuables (so have I). So why not cut out a square in each book, leaving the pages, and putting a block of wood inside. I thought about that, but there were a few things wrong with it. You'd have to have the patience of a saint and a whole lot of razor knives. And, you would have to have a planer to get the blocks of wood to the right height. I don't have any of those things! The upside would be you could just screw the thing together and skip the whole glue thing!