Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tuesday’s Tale

I woke up during the night for a bathroom break (not unusual) but when I went into the bathroom, it was illuminated by a beautiful full moon. I smiled and went back to bed.

I really DIDN’T want to get up when the alarm went off (hence the last post), but I did.

Weather-wise, it was sunny, but cold and windy (still). Several people with whom I work (I like writing that, it sounds so formal and pompous, LOL) still have their power out from the weekend storms.

Anyway, I did walk outside both in the morning and the afternoon but I didn’t enjoy it.

Now, my cubicle-buddy, Michelle, has a real jones for Buddy’s Pizza’s chicken tortilla soup. She talked about it all morning. The problem with eating lunch at Buddy is that you NEVER get out inside of an hour. So, she decided to order carryout and was soliciting other takers. I gave in, knowing I had errands to run, and ordered a bowl of the soup (I’ve had it before and it’s pretty good) and some bread sticks (now those and the dipping sauces I could jones about!)

So, after a quick trip to GFC, I went home. I treated the cats and then went out back. I raked all the leaves away from the rear gardens and the shed. Why? Because the weekend weather is supposed to suck! Rain/snow starting on Saturday morning and continuing onto Sunday. (You gotta love Michigan!)

When I finished, I headed back to work and ate my soup.

Back home, after work, I retrieved the trash can and went inside to treat the cats. I took out the radish salad to warm to room temp. Since sunset was at 5:07 p.m., I didn’t have time to waste. So, I didn’t bother to change clothes, I just grabbed my work gloves and went out back.

I fired up the lawn tractor and started chopping up leaves. Fortunately (?) the rear of the back yard was more or less clear of leaves (they all had blown up to the front). So, all I had to deal with was the first third of the back yard. I used the lights on the tractor and the security spotlights were on, so I successfully chopped the sh*t out of all the leaves I had raked.

I put everything away, locked the shed and then the deadbolt on the back door and was in for the night.

It was getting late, but I made a cup of coffee to warm up. I changed clothes (finally). I watched the tail end of the Nightly News while I made my dinner. I heated up a chicken pot pie in the microwave and ate that with my radish salad.

I went online and got my license plate tabs renewed. I paid the extra $11.00 for the “Recreation Passport” just like last year, although I haven’t been in a State park for years! But, I might!!!

Sidebar: How do they know I have this option, anyway? It’s not like they give you a sticker or anything. I dunno…

I watched the new NCIS (taped earlier) and then went to bed.