Friday, November 15, 2013

Thursday, and starting to warm up

It was an impressive 29 degrees Thursday morning! Still windy, though. But, at least I got to walk outside!

I went home at lunch again and had some of that Tuscan soup I thawed out the night before.

After work, I washed out the little chest freezer with baking soda and warm water once I figured out the drain system. Then I rinsed it with clear water. This made a mess of my garage floor (though I did manage to catch most of the water) but I wasn’t worried about it freezing. It was almost 50 degrees here!

Then I plugged the sucker in for the first time in forever. The seal was pushed in where I had propped the lid open with a piece of wood (so it wouldn’t get stinky) but I am hoping that will slowly get back to normal. If not, I’ll have to buy a new seal. Lessons learned…

From there I moved to the downstairs bathroom and washed the sink and the toilet. I always ignore this bathroom when cleaning and it was beginning to show.

I made some boxed mac & cheese for dinner (I had some milk I needed to use up) and ate most of it. I watched a movie and then switched to reading in bed until I fell asleep.

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