Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Book Table

The First Mistake: Wood Glue on Antique Book
The Sacrificed New Book with Holes filled with Caulk
All the Antique Books, Drilled
Pounding the Dowel through the Books
Finished, Ready to Glue to Base
Base Drilled
Weighted Down and Left to Dry
Special Glue for Glass Top
Finished Table (1 of 3)

Finished Table (2 of 3)

Finished Table (3 of 3)


  1. Thanks! This one was neither quick nor easy, but it was fun to take something from concept to completion.

  2. Well done! Any significance to the chosen books aside from their looks?

  3. No, not really. It was age, overall size and thickness.I did make sure to keep a list of the book titles and copyright dates in case anybody asked, though.