Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thank God It’s Friday!!!

Friday morning, it was a chilly 46 degrees F. with a damp, dewy feel to the air. But, I had been forewarned. That temp would be today’s high! Two cold fronts would be moving in, bring some rain and plummeting temps. Not good! What was worse is that they said that would be the warmest it would be for the next seven days!!!

Now, I neglected to mention this (probably from a well-deserved embarrassment) but on Thursday, one of the techs in back mentioned that a well-known cake bakery in Ferndale, called Treat Dreams, was now making gourmet donuts. He forwarded the website to us folks in front and said he was going to pick up a couple for himself and would we like to try them. Now, we debated long and hard about this. “Why?” you might ask, “You get donuts from the Looney Bakery all the time!” Well, because, each damn donut costs $2.00 US!

But, being a self-admitted Foodie, I gave in. Vicky and Michelle then caved as well. I ordered two: German Chocolate Cake and a Maple, Bourbon and Bacon one (come on… Bacon on a donut? I had to try it! And, it’s the only bourbon I could explain to my doctor, LOL!)  Vickie ordered the Marshall Mathers (a chocolate donut covered with crushed M&M’s – there’s a joke in there if you know rappers) and Michelle wanted the Boston Cream Pie one.

So, I was the first to arrive (as always) and he brought them in when he showed up. I put ours on a sheet of paper towels as he went on and on (and on) about eating a Boston Cream Pie donut on the way into work and having a Foodgasm. 

From Left: Boston Cream Pie, German Chocolate Cake, Marshall Mathers and the Maple, Bourbon and Bacon

When Michelle and Vicky arrived, we carefully cut each donut into four pieces, so we could all taste each one. This was easy with the German Chocolate Cake and Marshall Mathers ones, but more difficult on the Maple, Bourbon and Bacon donut (it was cream filled) and especially on the Boston Cream Pie.

I tried three of the four. The German Chocolate Cake was excellent, but was a distant cousin to a real German Chocolate Cake. But, the Boston Cream Pie and the Maple, Bourbon and Bacon donut? Sweet Jesus!!! Never, ever, question bacon on top of a donut!

I was sick as a dog for the rest of the morning from that little excess of sugar…

I went out for lunch and had a chicken Caesar salad that was excellent (except for the garlic breath). From there, I went to Lowe’s to check out electrical boxes and can lights. I had time left, so I went to Hix Road (where Carla used to work) and took it down to Hines Drive and then back to work.

The rest of the day went s-l-o-w-l-y. The first cold front had moved in, the wind picked up and I walked inside in the afternoon.

It was downright cold on the ride home. I got the mail and went inside. I changed clothes, caught the weather (not good) and worked on the computer.

Then I got a call from my massage therapist. She said she would have to reschedule tomorrow’s appointment as she had the flu! Frankly, I’m glad she called, not that I couldn’t use the massage, (I really could – I trashed my back on those leaves) but I don’t need to be around anybody sick!

I went to make a planned dinner and found I was missing a key ingredient (again? Dammit!) So, I rummaged around and came up with my last chicken pot pie. I added a side salad to the menu and called it good. No, really, it was good!

I watched a special about JFK and got bummed out. So, I turned the television off and read a book until bedtime.


  1. Those donuts are a heart attack waiting to happen...........................
    very pretty though..

  2. I hear ya! Since I normally avoid sugar, I was amazed a how sick I got just eating 1/4 pieces of three donuts. (But, you should really taste the maple, bourbon and bacon one or the Boston cream pie one. OM Sweet G!)