Monday, November 11, 2013


I woke up at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday (of course) and couldn’t fall back asleep. So, I gave up and got up. I have a few more errands to run this morning, but the stores don’t open until 10:00, so I putzed.

I cooked a half sheet tray full of thick cut bacon in the oven, which warmed up the house nicely. Now, I didn’t need all that bacon for my Sunday supper. So, I made two eggs over easy and some rye toast and, with some bacon, had a great breakfast. I put orange marmalade on the last half piece of toast for dessert.

I started another load of wash and then shaved and showered. I left the house at 9:30 a.m., heading for Home Depot. The more I looked at my new shoe rack, the more I was convinced it needed a middle board.

So, I picked up a seven-foot 1x4 cedar board. It’s way more than I needed, but it was the smallest length they sold cedar boards in. Great! More leftover wood! Then I went over to Costco, which doesn’t open until 10:00. When it did open, I went in and got more coffee for the Keurig.

Back home, I left the car outside and cut off three feet of the cedar board. Then I got out the table saw and cut that board into two 1 1/2-inch wide boards. I glued and nailed it in, and then set in back in the closet. Looks better and will hold more than shoes (if I ever need it).

Before I pulled the car back inside, I ran it over to the quarter car wash to vacuum out the trunk. I thought, since I had it there anyway, I might as well wash it, so I did. But, the wind (which was fierce again today) made it difficult and I think I got as much water on me as I did the car. I drove it back home and parked it inside. I dried off the windows and side mirrors. I started what I thought would be the last load of laundry after changing my clothes.

Disclaimer: While I vacuumed out my trunk, none of the crap in it had anything to do with my Brother Carl. He had nothing (nothing) to do with any mess I made of my car. I accept all responsibility.

Then I got busy on my Fall cleanup. I pulled the tractor out of the shed so I could get to the garden wagon. Then I dropped the sides and muscled the disconnected hose box onto it. I pulled that around to the front.

I fired up the air compressor and blew out the hoses until the water stopped running. Now, I know there is probably still water inside them, but (hopefully) not enough to freeze and crack them. I took the wagon back to the shed and put the hose box off to the side for the winter.

Then I stuck all the patio furniture in the shed. This is the first year since I have lived here that I haven’t piled them all on Jake’s patio and covered them with a tarp. Nice, and easy-peasy!

I spent the next three hours on the tractor, cutting the back yard leaves up. I had my coat, gloves and a knit cap on and was still cold!!! The leaves were racing across the lawn almost as fast as I could cut them and the dust was terrific, but I got ‘er done!

Note: All the trees way in the back and the one’s out front are bare, but my two big maples between the house and the shed still have leaves on them! Grrr…

While I had the tractor out, I took the fertilizer spreader and put down the rest of the fertilizer in the back. I was waiting for the grass seed to get established, but I don't see a whole lot of new grass back there.

Next, I grabbed all the outdoor statues and put them upside down on the patio, so the bottoms could dry off and any spiders could move on before they come in the house.

Sadly, the young shaolin monk bit the dust… He was falling apart when I put him out in the springtime. But, today when I went to pick him up, a big chunk of him broke off. I really loved that dude, but have no idea how to fix him…

At the last minute, I remembered the soaker hose in the raised vegetable garden. I went and retrieved that, storing it in the shed as well.

Then I grabbed a bucket and drained “most” of the reflecting pool. It’s supposed to be below freezing for several nights next week and I don’t want the wash tub to bust.

I came in after 3:30 p.m. and returned B___’s call (after making a cup of coffee to warm up). We caught each other up on our recent activities and then said goodbye. My jacket (that I wear to work) was covered in leaf dust, so I threw it and the towel from the downstairs bath into the washer. Sigh…

I watched the end of the Lion’s game. We won!!! Then I turned on “Casablanca” (one of my all-time favorite movies) while I tried to fall asleep and catch a nap. But, all it did was make me want a cigarette! I mean, seriously want a cigarette! But, my little box only had the zippo in it and no stale Pall Malls. Damn!

I gave up on the nap idea (and the cigarette) and started making my Sunday supper. I checked in with my Brother Carl on my side dish as we had discussed this recipe as a concept. I found out he had made it as a main dish and was disappointed. He had added onions (which made sense for a main dish) but couldn’t remember any other ingredients.

So, I settled for basics. Now, the recipe (as I recall) called for frying up some bacon in a pan. You took the bacon out and chopped up a small head of cabbage. Then you fried the cabbage in the remaining bacon grease. When it was soft, you added the bacon back in it.

Now, as you know (if you are still reading this epistle), I made the bacon in the oven this morning. But, I dumped the bacon grease into my 12-inch frying pan and saved it. So, all I did was chop up the cabbage and fry it up. I chopped up five slices of pre-cooked bacon and added that to the pan. I was afraid of the salt content of the bacon, so I didn’t add any, just a lot of fresh cracked pepper. I let that get happy while I made my main course.

I took the last onion sausage (from South Carolina) that I had thawed out and cut it into thirds. I lined a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and set a rack on top of it. I fired up the broiler in the oven and then popped them in. I let them go for about five minutes and then turned them over.  I let them go another five minutes and then pulled them out. I plated everything and had a fantastic Sunday supper! 

Please note: If you are ever in South Carolina, pick up some onion sausage! That’s some good shit!

Also note: I have a meat grinder/sausage maker and have been promised the “secret” recipe for South Carolina onion sausage but I am still waiting…

I turned on both the dishwasher the stove (to clean the oven) so the house was nice and warm again.

I went to bed at 10:30 p.m., satisfied with my day…


  1. I am really glad my little brother has stopped blaming everyone else for his mistakes...Mom would be so proud. You didn't take the monk to the emergency room for a shoulder reconstruction? What kind of a Christian are you? I know an orthopedic doctor that could have done a complete reconstruction. It's only money.

    What does the sausage taste like?...

  2. The monk is made out of some kind of clay under his rough exterior It seems to have gotten wet (probably from sitting on the ground) and is crumbling.

    Not sure how o describe the taste of the onion sausage. It's not really hot or spicy, just a rich, onion-y flavor. It really is good!

  3. And THAT is why you never tell a monk to just dust if off his shoulder. So literal those shaolins...

  4. @ Jake; Good point. I wish I could mend him, but it is beyond my skill...