Friday, November 8, 2013

Slump Day

It was sunny for a change on Thursday. But, it was all a lie, as it was windy and cold all day here.

Now, I have may mentioned this, but I had called Iovan Glass (next to O’Rielly’s on Plymouth Road and just down a ways from me) last week and asked about buying a 14-inch round glass top. Whoever I talked to said, no, I didn’t have to order it; they have them in stock. Unfortunately, they are closed on Saturday. So, today, I drove there at lunch and went in to pick up my top for the books.

The lady there said they would have to cut and shape it! I explained I had called and “somebody” said I could just pick it up. She said who did you talk to? I said I don’t (feakin’) know! The upshot was I had to order it and they would cut it. They will call me back on my cell phone when its ready (doubtful Friday, probably Monday or Tuesday). I paid my $14.00 plus tax and went across the street. I bought some chicken fried rice to cheer me up.

Back at home, I treated the cats and then ate lunch. It was delicious as always.

Back at work, I took my second walk outside, with my zipper pulled up on my coat and trying desperately not to hunch over against the cold wind. I decided it must be Slump Day!

Once home, I treated the cats and changed clothes. First on my list was to pound the top book onto the dowel, after adding more Liquid Nails to the next book and Elmer’s glue to the dowel end. I put both 10-pound weights on top of it and set it to dry after making sure it was level.

Sidebar: I am NOT happy with this project at all. The loose books allow the whole structure to wobble. I have one last trick to try. Melissa told me when I was talking about this that she and Dave had made a bed-side reading light years ago for Dustin. He was into space exploration, so they got three or four books that related to space and drilled a hole through them all. They stuck them over a bedside lamp base and then shellacked the pages.  

So, if and when the Liquid Nails ever dry, I will shellac the exposed pages. Maybe (just maybe) that will give some solidity to the structure. If not, I will still use it, but be careful to only set my coffee cup in the middle of it!

Then I took two of the plastic storage units I had and soaked them in the laundry tub. Then I scrubbed the crap off of them. When they dry, they will go on the bottom of the shelves against the garage south wall. I let them drip dry on the washer while I watched the Nightly News at 6:30 p.m.

I ate the rest of the chicken fried rice for dinner. It wasn’t really enough, so I made another side salad with the last of my lettuce. This time I made a vinaigrette of olive oil and red wine vinegar. I had a cup of coffee for dessert, determined to make it to the end of the hockey game tonight.

And, I did stay up. But, we lost…

And then I had trouble falling asleep…

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