Sunday, November 3, 2013

Saturday's Story

I woke up at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday! Woo Hoo! I slept in!!! I got a cup of coffee and filled in the Blog with the morning news in the background. I ate some soft-boiled eggs for breakfast (big surprise there, right?) and then shaved showered and got dressed.  I went out and checked on the book.Shit! Even though I had clamped the hell out of it, It blew up and warped. Not good! I'm guessing it was from the water-based glue. I'll have to think of something else.

I left the house at 9:40 a.m.

First stop was the dentist on Ford Road for my six month cleaning. Piece of cake right? Well, maybe not. I swear the dental hygienist used to work at Gitmo as I was constantly gagging from the water. At one point, she asked me if I flossed every day. I said, “No!”  She said, “Well, at least you’re honest.” I said, “I’m really not that honest. But, since you are waterboarding me, I would have told you whatever you wanted!”

The other problem is that the two fillings my last Redford dentist gave me (you know who you are) are separating from my teeth. So, I need to have them removed and new fillings put in. I made an appointment for two weeks from now and they gave me my “estimated” co-pay: $275.00!!! Thanks, Redford Dentist!

I might point out that I still have “lead” fillings in my mouth I got before I was 10 years old, from a dentist whose name I forget, but his office was in the Macomb Daily Building in Mt. Clemens.

From there. I went to Power Point to pick up those two 15-amp Push-O-Matic breakers I need. Jacob had sent me a text that said they were “just” past 8-Mile on Inkster. So, I drove “just” past 8-Mile on Inkster and all I saw were houses. So, I drove on. I stopped at 10-Mile and Inkster and set him a text.

Sidebar: Here’s a funny thing. I noticed this year’s ago, when my Rehab office was just off of Inkster and Grand River. When you drive up Inkster, from here to about 7 Mile Road, all the houses seem older, but normal (set back from the road, mostly ranch style with the occasional two story ones). But, from 7 to 8-Mile, they are all little and right up against the road. Today, I saw this continues almost to 9 Mile Road and then they become different again; bigger, set back and some are even “mansions,” with stone or 6-foot cyclone fences and electric gates!

He called me back and said it’s a few houses past 8 Mile and “looks” like a house. So, I drove back. Sure enough, I found it. It’s next to one of those little houses and looks like a converted garage! I wish I’d taken a photo with the phone, but I always forget that’s available.

Sadly, it is closed on Saturday! Sigh…

So, I headed back home. I stopped at the Spartan grocery store (whose name I can never remember) on 7 Mile and Inkster (next to the video store that Jake and Carla used to frequent) and got a head of cabbage, a head of lettuce, sliced turkey from the deli and some bread.

I go home just after noon. I had put over 25 miles on the car, which is a lot for me! In unpacked the groceries and had a cup of coffee for lunch (didn’t want to dirty my shiny clean  teeth, LOL).

I noticed how pretty my Japanese maple had turned for Fall, so went out and took a picture. While I was out there, I filled the squirrel feeder and checked the back yard for storm damage. No big limbs down, thank God!

Back inside, I stripped the bed and started that load of wash. My daughter Melissa called and we chatted for a while. That reminded me to call my Brother Carl, so I did that when we finally hung up!

My dentist had asked me if I was a football fan and I said, no, not really. He said his daughter was going to Michigan State and he had tickets for the game today. He said if I watched it, I “might” see him in the stands. He was kidding of course, but I turned it on anyway. I watched a little of it, but then took a nap.

Jake called and woke me up around 7:30 p.m. We chatted about this and that for a while. When we hung up, I was hungry, so I made a nice turkey sandwich.

By the time I was done eating, I decided it was too late to experiment on another book (Jake had given me a couple of ideas). So, I read a book in my recliner until I got sleepy around 11:30 and then went to bed after resetting all the clocks back.

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