Monday, November 4, 2013

Road Trip

I woke up on Sunday to sunshine! Finally!!! I celebrated by eating scrambled eggs topped with cheddar cheese.

Then I went out in the garage and drilled four holes through a book under the cover. I filled those with adhesive caulk (couldn’t find the Liquid Nails tube). Then I drilled a 3/8-inch hole through the book. I left the clamps on and will check it tonight or tomorrow.

Back inside, I refilled my pill box for the week ahead. I shaved, showered and got dressed. Then I hit the road.

First stop was my Brother Carl’s house. I was making good time (I took mostly expressways) until Groesbeck. It was under MAJOR construction from I-696 to about 15 Mile Road. So, my timeline slipped a little.

But, I finally made it. I had a cup of coffee with him (after using his bathroom) and we chatted for a while. Then we went out and unloaded the wood (which he did NOT need). We put it in the garage in his garden wagon and four-wheel wheelbarrow. I never did see the ghost cat he “claims” is living in his garage.

He showed me his new patio block walkway back to and around his pond. Beautiful! I am jealous. Then he showed me his koi! Man! Those suckers are HUGE!! Maybe 2-foot long and 6 inches around; unbelievable!

I think I’m gonna sneak back there one night and go fishing…

From there, I headed up Groesbeck to North Avenue and took that to 26 Mile Road. Parts of the drive were like pure homecoming: Familiar houses and farms from my childhood.

I took 26 Mile Road across to Van Dyke and, at the beginning it, too, was familiar and nostalgic. Mostly sod farms and open stretches. Then, BAM! Huge subdivisions, traffic lights where there never were traffic lights, strip malls and so on.

But I finally got to Van Dyke (after going through two of those damn traffic circles) and that, too was under construction. At least the old octagon house was still there.

I got to Melissa and Dave’s townhouse a little after noon. It was funny (in a sad way). I drove 63 miles to get there with no problem but got lost in their little townhouse complex. I finally figured it out and went in to warm greetings and the smell of soup.

Their townhouse is quite dramatic, with a huge, two story ceiling in the living room and a loft area. But, as Dave pointed out, it’s a complete waste of space and probably expensive to heat in the winter.

So, we chatted for a while and then ate lunch. She had made corned beef and cabbage soup and it was excellent! She said it was just like making regular corned beef and cabbage, but adding beef broth and extra water. She served it with hearty bread and butter. Dessert was some cookies that Dave had baked. It was a very nice, family-feeling Sunday meal.

We talked while half-watching a Michigan State college hockey game, trying to catch a glimpse of Missy’s cousin who plays on the team. But, we never did see him.

Dave had to leave for a meeting around 2:30 p.m., so Melissa and I sat and talked about religion, politics and the Kennedy assassination. I ate some cookies (they were great, Dave). Before I left, Melissa gave me some soup and some cookies. Then she started emptying her freezer! I got a jar of salsa she had canned, some buffalo chicken soup, spicy chicken chili and chicken vegetable soup!

I also took my crockpot and the towels, along with a little bag she said was great for use as a carry-on when flying.

I headed out, but this time I went on the Van Dyke expressway until it turned back into just Van Dyke at about 18 Mile Road. I took Van Dyke all the way to I-696, which turned out to be another nostalgic trip. I drove by the hotel where I dropped Jake off when he went into the Air Force and past the GM Tech Center where I used to work. Ah, memories…

But I was finally back in familiar territory and headed home. It took me just under an hour and it was 46 miles door to door.

It was still light out, so I treated the cats and grabbed the Nut Wizard. I had to laugh! The squirrels have been busy since the last time I cut the lawn and it was difficult to find any remaining nuts! But, I found a few and successfully picked them up and emptied them in the bucket. And, I am ready for next year’s crop!!! Thanks, Jake!

Back inside, I started the last load in the washer. I read my book for a while until I got hungry. So, I heated up more corned beef and cabbage soup. Easy, peasy! I didn’t have any good bread, but I did have more cookies for dessert, LOL!

I was tired from all that driving, so I went to bed early. I read for a bit until I started nodding off, then I shut off the light and went to sleep. Nice day!


  1. I have installed a "NO Fishing" sign by the pond.

  2. Bummer! I was thinking "sushi!"

  3. By the way, thanks for the extra wood. I will use it.

  4. @GPF: you are welcome! Thanks for helping me with disposing of it. Stay warm!