Tuesday, November 26, 2013


It was windy and cold again on Monday (so what else is new?) It’s hard to believe that it’s not even December yet!

I walked outside in the morning, but I didn’t like it!

I went to Ten Yen for lunch and had my favorite (again). Got an interesting fortune in my fortune cookie.

The temperature had fallen and the winds were worse, so I walked inside in the afternoon.

Thankfully, the forecasted snow had not hit here by 5:00 p.m. (I think it stream by jut north of the city) so I got to take the expressway home.

I had a cup of coffee, watched the weather (not good) and then started the last load of the weekend wash.

Oh, BTW, I took my Medicare card OUT of my wallet and locked it in the fire-safe. I realized that my “member id” number was my Social Security number! I can cancel my credit cards if my wallet was pick-pocketed, but my Social Security number would allow identity thieves to have a field day!

Note to my Government: You should rethink this one!!! But, you won’t…

Then I started on tonight’s project: Washing the kitchen cabinet doors. I used a Lysol antibacterial spray and a kitchen towel. It took while, but I got all of them clean.

I warmed up some of the Mexican lasagna for dinner and froze the rest.

I watched some taped shows and then switched to reading until bedtime.

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