Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I woke up Thursday morning to heavy rain. My kitchen was a complete mess, and the Wednesday night wash never was done. I was sitting on the bed, drinking my first cup of coffee and watching the news, when I remembered: I never grated the chocolate for the chili sides!

Sidebar: Some people put unsweetened chocolate in their chili. “They” say it gives it a mysterious, interesting flavor. I tried it once a while back, and didn’t care for it.

I got the bar out of the freezer and sat on the bed, with a box grater and a big aluminum bowl, grating. It took forever!

So, I loaded up the car and headed to work, leaving a destroyed kitchen and a bedspread with bits of chocolate mixed with cat hair. Sigh…

The lunch/training session went off well, except for the rain and high winds. That made transporting everything down to the museum difficult.

I put out the sides, but forgot to check on the bowls. So, When I went to clean up, I found all of the sharp cheddar was gone (and I still had half a bag in my cooler for refills!) The other heavy hitters were the sour cream, green onion and the jalapenos. I don’t think anybody even took any cilantro or chocolate – something to remember!

Along with the two chili slow cookers, we had a variety of Jets pizzas, salad, bread sticks and desserts. Michelle brought in homemade peanut butter and chocolate bars and some Oreo cookie balls (Oreo cookies, crushed and then rolled into a ball that was hand-dipped in chocolate). Both were excellent, but WAY too rich.

I tried my boss’ chili and she tried mine. Then we exchanged compliments. Her’s was really good and had a deeper flavor. She said she adds Worcestershire and soy sauce. Interesting.

We watched the mandatory 17-minute training video (on the revamped MSDS sheets) and then went back to work.

Oh, nobody really “voted” on whose chili was better, but all of hers was gone, while I had about 3 cups left of mine. So, I told her she obviously “won” the contest. I gave the rest of mine to Vicky to take home to her Mother.

I took the rest of the salad home for my dinner.

When I got home, I checked on my Sasco Lexel Synthetic Rubber Caulk order (for the project). The tracking number info said it had been delivered and was in my front door! So, I went and looked and sure enough, there it was!

I did the laundry (both the Wednesday night wash and the bedspread, LOL) and cleaned up everything in the kitchen except the inside of the slow cooker. I filled that with hot water and dish soap and left it to soak overnight.

I ate my salad, adding some green onions, shredded cheese and some bottled Italian dressing.

Carla called to ask about trick or treaters. I told her I had none (I never do anymore) but blamed it on the weather. She said they only (only?) had about 40! She was disappointed because they used to have double that amount when they lived up here. I asked if it was the weather. She said it was 82 degrees and sunny down there!!!

I watched a little TV and then went to bed at 10:30 p.m.


  1. We hit 50. Still pretty low compared to the 120 or so we used to get. What happened to the nut wizard?

  2. The Nut Wizard is waiting for the next dry day...