Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday at Last!!!

Friday was sunny, but cold and windy. I know, I know, I sound like a broken record… But, hey, wait till next week! The temps are supposed to plummet and we should have snow in a day or two. That will be different!

I waited all morning for a call from the glass people. I even had errands I needed to run at lunch that I didn’t do, so I could go get my glass table top. But they never called…

Sidebar: On my afternoon walk, an IT tech walked from our building to the next, saw me and called out, “It’s too cold to be walking outside!” I yelled, “Not hardly! Not yet!” He said, “But I can see my breath!” I said, “Well, ya might want to think about brushing your teeth now and then…” 

(A little IT humor…)

I would have left early to get that table top, but they never called in the afternoon. So, the table will not be completed this weekend (as I had hoped). Sigh…

I am consoling myself that, this way, the Liquid Nails has longer to dry!

In that vein, when I got home after work, I ignored the stack of books. My plan was to shellac the pages (to, hopefully, add stability) tonight and screw the dowel in from the bottom. But, without the top, I’ll just let it sit.

Instead, I jumped on the computer. Today was payday, so along with the ToDo List for the weekend and the grocery-shopping list, I paid bills… Too many bills…

In respect to the grocery-shopping list, I did an inventory of stock in my pantry, cupboards and downstairs shelves. Why? Because I am all out of olive oil! That has never happened since I moved here. I went to the hall closet to get more and found two (two!) gallons of while vinegar but no olive oil. WTF!

I found all the staples I am low or out of and put them on the list. During this inventory, I checked on my supply of roast beef hash. I only had two cans left, but it did give me an idea for dinner.

So, I sliced up my last onion (onions went on the list as well) and then fried up a can of roast beef hash with the onions. I debated long and hard about frying two eggs as the topper (I love the “sauce” the broken egg yolks make on top of the hash) but decided that was a breakfast delight, not dinner. So, I topped it with salt and fresh ground pepper and ate that for my supper.

It was too late (almost 9:30 p.m.) to watch any movies (they all come on at 8:00) so I grabbed my book. I read that until I started nodding off, and then went to bed.


  1. Roast Beef or Corned Beef? and it's never to late to eat breakfast for dinner.

  2. Roast beef hash. You're right (of course) but I like my eggs on top for breakfast.