Saturday, November 16, 2013

Finally Friday!

It was warmer when I got up Friday morning and due to get warmer still! I left he gloves and knit hat home when I left for work.

I walked outside, both morning and afternoon. I went to Time Out and had their fish and chips for lunch. Now, the last two times I have ordered this, they were out of malt vinegar. So, this time, when they said they were out, I said, “No problem.” I went out to the car and brought in my own (much to the chagrin of Dan, the owner). That will teach him to offer “fish and chips” without malt vinegar! I may not always admit to having an English heritage, but on some things, I don’t compromise!

After eating, I went to Lowe’s to check out some things and prices.  I have the germ of an idea…

Finally, it was 5:00 p.m. and I was heading home (Bangin’ that drum in my mind).

I didn’t have any mail (which was weird), so I went inside and treated the cats. I had already decided that tonight was my night off, so when I took off my work clothes, I put on my bathrobe. It was Friday Night and I planned on doing NOTHING!

So, that’s what I did…

I watched the local news and then the Nightly News. Then I preheated the oven to 400 degrees F. I took out a DiGiorno Supreme thin-crust pizza and added banana peppers, sliced black olives and more mozzarella cheese. Then I popped it in the oven and set the timer for 19 minutes. When the timer went off, I pulled it out with my wooden pizza peal and set it on the cutting block. I let it rest for a minute and the used the pizza cutter to cut it into good-sized slices.

I ate my dinner (an embarrassing amount of pizza) watching the Red Wings game. It was in the middle of the first slice that I realized I made a grievous error and forgot the red pepper flakes. So, I added them to the rest of the pizza, but it was too little, too late (they have to be “under” the cheese in my world!)

That aside, the pizza was good and the remaining pieces went into a baggie and then into the fridge (for snacks or breakfast). I love cold pizza for breakfast!

The Goerlich Jinx still has not been broken! We lost in the shootout (again!) I switched to reading and then went to sleep.

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