Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Retirement Money Opportunity?

I was talking to a fellow employee (who lives in the hood) about the consistent killings in Detroit. I explained I didn’t understand all the friendly civilians who got wasted. I thought somebody should explain to the killers how to aim or what “semi-automatic” meant.

He said that, since they got illegal weapons and nowhere to practice, they opt for the 30-round clips and the “pray and spray” method of shooting. To illustrate, one of the shooting in Detroit, the police ran out of their little triangle identifiers for casings, and had to switch to plastic cups from a nearly 7-11 Store. And the last shooting in Inkster, they shut down like, two block of houses, that were hit by bullets.

But, my concern is the “friendlies” who get wasted. So, I thought, why not buy one of the abandoned factories in Detroit for spit (the huge Packard plant, shown on Anthony Boudoir’s show, for example, which was just sold for $145K) and set up three shooting ranges.

One would be for the handguns (the “nines” as they call them in the hood, mostly Glocks), one would be for the long guns (AK-47’s, AR-15’s) and one devoted to strictly drive-byes.  

All would have a life-size target, surrounded by civilians (like a priest, a woman with a baby carriage and so on).  You would lose points for every “friendly” you hit.

The drive-by range would put you in an actual car, so you could practice hitting the target while driving.

No, this wouldn’t cut down on homicides in Detroit, but it might lessen the innocent victims. 

Hey, its a concept, Okay?


  1. Interesting. Makes sense. You should sell bullets, too. I saw the ad for the Bourdain (didn't realize he did it in his nighty [hint hint]) thing. I should check if it's on demand. What network was it on?

  2. I thought about selling bullets, but realized it would put the place under Federal scrutiny (and you know how that goes...). The new Bourdain show is on CNN. P.S. Most Detroiter's were disappointed in his show. "Too negative!" Really?