Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wednesday's Woes

Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday, weather-wise, but a little colder (32° when I woke up).

I didn’t go to lunch at the usual time. Instead, I left to meet an electrician at the house at 1:00 p.m. With the sunset coming earlier every night (and that will only get worse when we go off of Daylight Savings time in a couple of weeks), its becoming increasing difficult to work in the garage at night without those plugs and lights.

So, I bit the bullet. I saw a deal on Angie’s List for $200 worth of an electrician’s time for $99. I took the deal and the appointment was today. I hurried home and put everything, including the motorcycle frame, on the side I usually park, so he’d have plenty of room to walk around and work.

He was a half hour late (nothing new there with contractors). I stayed in the garage and watched him. He did everything I did, with the same results. But then he started playing with the “Push-o-matic” breakers and, by God, the plug started working!

He explained that, when the Push-o-matics get old, they get weaker. I told him I have trouble finding replacements and he told me of a place in Farmington that still sells them. However, he did suggest I upgrade to a new fuse panel. I said I’d like to, but what would the cost be?

Between $900-$1,200,00! He explained that there are new building codes regarding the ground, etc., and that drove the prices up. He took some pictures of the fuse panel and the electric meters outside. He said he’d show them to his boss (the estimator) and he’d contact me with a real estimate.

But, for right now, I’ll pick up a new breaker (or maybe two) this weekend. Meanwhile, the plugs are working!

After work, I pulled into the garage on the wrong side. I didn’t feel like messing around with moving stuff in the cold. Besides, I’d like to sort out the shelves on the wall and get rid of some of the crap, first.

I treated cats, changed clothes and started the Wednesday night wash.

Next, I made my antipasto pasta salad recipe again (I had to use up the other “half” of all that stuff). I changed two things. I used regular rotini and added sliced black olives instead of the whole, pitted Kalamata ones. I stuck the bowl in fridge to chill while I watched the Nightly News.

I had accidentally thawed out a package of hot dogs while making room in my fridge freezer the other day. So, I broiled them in the oven and ate two on sourdough bread for dinner, along with some pasta salad. Both were excellent.

I watched the Red Wings game. It was the complete opposite of the last game against the Sharks. This time, they just looked sloppy. We lost and we deserved to!

I went to bed, grumbling, when it was over.


  1. I had the same problem with my older panel (not even Pushmatics) and could not find any breakers. I had to resort to ebay and used breakers...but they did treat me well. it's a bitch when you (or your breakers) get old.