Thursday, October 17, 2013


When I woke up Wednesday morning, I saw it had rained overnight (the pavement was wet under the streetlight). Great, I thought! Maybe I can get the rest of the grass seed sown tonight!

I went to Time Out for lunch and had an excellent BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with fries. Then I drove to Lowe’s to check on something I couldn’t find at Home Depot. Since I was there anyway, I bought another shower curtain rod and a set of rings.

On my afternoon walk, I noticed the temperature felt like it had dropped 10 degrees since morning and the wind had really picked up. Brrr!

Once home after work, I treated the cats, changed clothes and started the Wednesday night wash. Then I put on a jacket and went out back. Oh, oh… There was less than a 1/4-inch of rain in the gauge. So, I didn’t bother unlocking the shed, I just walked out and checked the ruts. Nope, they were bone dry. No easy way to work that soil up and seed. So, I went back inside.

I dug out the old caulk I wanted to replace and re-caulked the spots. Looked good! Then I went to put up the new shower rod and realized I made a mistake. I cheaped out and bought a plain white one. My thinking was the liner was white, so it would look okay. But, it didn’t. It looked stupid. So, that has to go back to Lowe’s (groan – I hate taking things “back”) and I need to get a matching shower rod from Home Depot.

So, two of the night’s projects went bust. Fortunately, my friend B___ called. We hadn’t talked for a couple of weeks, so we caught each other up. Plus, I had several questions about signing up for Medicare (I have to, now).

I still didn’t have anything planned for dinner (I have to get back to thinking about that on a daily basis, LOL). So, I popped a chicken potpie in the microwave. While it baked, I took my last tomato (it outlived the bacon) and cut it up. I added onion slices and some romaine lettuce. I tossed it and topped that with bottled Italian dressing. The salad and potpie made an excellent dinner.

I watched a little TV, but went to bed early.

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