Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tuesday’s Story

(You thought I was going to write “Tale,” didn’t you, LOL! Alliteration isn't everything, you know...)

I left early on Tuesday morning so I could pick up a new square head driver at Home Depot. I paid way too much for it, but figured it might last a little longer than the last one. Then I went to work.

I remembered my jacket this chilly morning, so the 10:00 a.m. walk wasn’t so bad.

I was still fretting over this finding a new doctor business until I recalled I am a member of Angie’s list. I joined years ago, although I can’t recall why.  So, I logged on and searched for primary Care Physicians within five miles of my house. Great! Then I checked on how many that were part of the St. John’s Hospital network (where I got my spinal fusion and excellent treatment). NONE!

Okay. I suppose I can live with that. Then I remembered that I need a physician that is “in-network” with my health plan (or I’ll end up paying a fortune). So, I called HR to ask for a book of in-network physicians. They directed me to a website (doesn’t anybody use paper anymore?) I checked that out and found two that were on both lists.

So, I have a start. I’m still not sure how to get my medical records transferred. Then I called CVS to ask it any of my current meds could not be refilled at least one more time. Thankfully, they all had refills available. So, I have a little time.

So, what’s next? I make an appointment and fill out 14 pages of my medical history just to get in to see the doctor and then decide if I like him or her? Then repeat until I find the “right” doctor? And do I have to physically go get my medical records from my old doctor and take them to my new? This sucks so bad!

I went to the Feed Store and bought two more bales of straw at noon. I took them home and dropped them off. So, my trunk was full of bits of straw again. I made a BLT for lunch. By then it had warmed up enough that I could leave my jacket at home.

When I got home after work, I retrieved the empty trashcan and left the car outside. I treated the cats and checked the weather report while I changed clothes.

Then I went into the garage and finished the workbench project. It took a while to put all the remaining screws back in, but I didn’t run into any real problems.

At one point an older couple walked by (it was a good day for walking), so I waved as I always do. The woman pointed and called out “I really like the bench you made!” I yelled, “Thanks!”

And, some people say I don’t interact with my neighbors enough…

Actually, the hardest part of the evening’s work was pushing it back in place. I cleaned off a few things and put them back. I am confident that, now that the miter saw is on its own cart, I won’t have all that sawdust on everything. So, the workbench and its contents should stay a whole lot cleaner.



But, it was getting dark out, so I pulled the car back in, shut the door and quit for the night.

I warmed up a repeat of my Sunday supper (meatloaf, squash and parsnips) and ate that for dinner.

I watched a little TV, but went to bed early.


  1. "I’m still not sure how to get my medical records transferred."

    When you go to the new doctor, they'll have you fill out a release. Then they'll send it to your doctor and your doctor will send back your records.

  2. Bench looks time, listen to your kids and build it right the first time. That would have saved you a lot of work.

  3. @ Jake: Thanks. Hard to believe but I haven't looked for a doctor in almost 35 years!

    @GPF: Thanks. Hard to believe but I haven't listened to my kids in almost 49 years!