Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Tuesday was yet another in a repeat of the long string of days that were chilly, windy and mostly overcast.

I went home at noon after stopping at Westborn for some fresh veggies. Since I was there anyway, I picked up some of their homemade chicken noodle soup for my lunch.

Back home again after work, I retrieved the trashcan and then went in to treat the cats. I changed clothes and then got to work.

I had attached the stubby legs to the base needed for my project Monday night. I let them set on the kitchen floor overnight. I put two 10-pound weights on it to hold it in place until the glue dried.

So, today, I lightly sanded it all once again and then stained it. I left it sitting on a coffee can in the garage to dry.

Back inside, I cleaned up and began to make my chili for the Halloween luncheon at work. Everything was going well until I found I had no frozen sweet corn! How the hell did that happen???

I checked the pantry, but didn’t have any canned sweet corn, either. Damn! Well, since I made it a day early on purpose (chili, like stew, always tastes better on the second day), I do have time to recoup.

With all the taste testing, I didn’t feel much like eating dinner, so I just munched on some pretzels watching TV. I went to bed early again.

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