Friday, October 11, 2013

Thursday’s Teal

(No, it doesn’t make any sense, but I like the color and am confident enough of my manhood to admit it!)

Thursday was a carbon copy, weather-wise, of Wednesday.

I spent my lunch hour visiting a friend in St. Mary’s Hospital, just down the road (at 5-Mile and Levan). I found out, quite by accident she was there, so I went to visit her. I was concerned, but she’s okay and will probably be released tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have only been there to the Emergency Room. So, I parked at exactly the wrong end of the hospital and had to walk like, forever, to get to her room, LOL.

She asked about Scruffy and I said he was still doing fine, but losing weight, (he is). So, I am not sure he could beat the crap out of her little dog, like he used to.

I left when she got more visitors. Since I still had a few minutes, I went to the Jimmy Johns at 6-Mile and Newburgh and got a turkey sandwich. I took that back to work and ate my lunch while working.

After work, I spent way too much time on the computer. Tomorrow’s payday and I had to figure out what to pay, what to save, etc. I also started the Wednesday Night Wash, a day late.

My original plan was to cut the front lawn tonight. But, I didn’t have enough time left. So, I decided since the winds were calm, I would at least blow off the driveway.

The battery-powered blower wouldn’t even touch it, so I dragged out the 100-foot extension cord and that blower. The pile became unmovable about 3/4 of the way out to the road. So, I dragged out the push mower. I made a few passes with it to cut the leaves into smaller, more blow-able bits.

Then I got the blower fired back up and blew everything down the road and into the vacant lot. By then it was dark and I must admit, it was a little scary standing in the road, blowing leaves and hoping drivers would see me and not hit me!

Also, you should know the blower was not that effective on the fresh, green black walnuts. Most of them were still in the driveway (sigh).

Where I started

Where the pile stopped moving

After I ran the mower through the mess

The black walnuts left

I went back into the house, took care of the laundry and then spent some time on Facebook. Then I warmed up the last of my meat loaf and parsnips. I warmed up some butternut squash as well, but I still have some left.

I watched another taped TV show and then went to bed.


  1. Didn't Mother save the black walnuts and use them? They are editable aren't they? such a waste.

  2. Yes, and its just one more reminder of your "special" status in the family! Because I was the son who had to open them for her! What you don't realize is you can't "crack" them open (like an English walnut) and, they are not inside a nice, open cavity, like an English walnut.

    You have to smash them with a hammer and then dig out the nut meat with a nut pick. Its not only tedious, but the covering of the walnut has a dye in it that stains your hands for days. Come to think of it, I was probably the first "zebra" kid in the family!

    And they don't go to waste. I put them in the vacant lot for the squirrels. The squirrels happily bury them in my yard, all my gardens and everywhere!

    Of course, they forget where they put them and I have to pull out emerging black walnut trees every Spring...

  3. You always have to take the your the First ZEBRA Goerlich!!!!

  4. LMAO! I'm surprised you don't remember my black hands. I was embarrassed for days and can't forget...