Friday, October 4, 2013

Thursday's Tale

It was gray and overcast on Thursday morning and there were scattered showers forecasted, with more widespread rain predicted after 2:00 p.m. Of course, none of that ever happened.

I went home at lunch and stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription. Since I was there anyway, I went next door first and ordered some chicken fried rice (first time in a l-o-n-g time) It was fantastic!

Back home after work, I changed into shorts and a t-shirt. First I went up in the attic (I was checking something out). Then I went out back and carefully cut the lawn with the tractor. I avoided every place I had seeded.

I saw my neighbor out back and asked him about his new structure. I asked if it was the world’s biggest Tiki Hut. He laughed and said, no, that it was a carport for his work van. The Township won’t let him build another enclosed building. Jake can probably remember how much the van weighs, but truth be told, it’s too tall to fit into his garage.

When I was done cutting the lawn, I put the tractor away. Then I watered all the grass seed. The sun set before I finished!

Back inside for the evening, I warmed up some soup for dinner. I ate that with another chunk of bread. The rest I put into labelled containers and froze them. Then I washed the Dutch oven.

I watched a little taped TV, messed around on the computer and finally went to bed.

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