Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Captain Takes the Night Off

It was a beautiful day on Wednesday here in Southeast Michigan. I think it’s technically too early to call it “Indian Summer” as someone mentioned today, but it certainly felt like summer. Of course, I didn’t believe the weatherman in the morning and wore a long sleeved shirt, but, oh well, a little sweat never hurt anybody!

So, I skipped going home for lunch and went to the Time Out instead. That gave me plenty of time for a leisurely drive through Hines Park.

My plan during the afternoon was to come home and cut the back lawn (carefully). And, after I changed into my shorts and t-shirt, I did walk out there. But, it was just too nice to waste. So, I walked around the yard (front and back) and checked things out.

I did make mental lists of things I needed to do before winter comes, though. Hey, I can’t help it!

Then I started the charcoal to grill the steak I was going to make Tuesday night. I cooked my three last russet potatoes (not bakers, just regular ones) in the microwave (I didn’t want to heat the house up). I had an idea…

Carla called and we chatted for a while when the coals were heating up. Nice to hear her voice!

After we hung up, I spread the coals around. Then I rubbed the rather warm potatoes with olive oil and crusted them with Kosher salt. I set them on the grill. Then I put on the steak that I had let come up to room temperature and seasoned with salt and pepper.

I kept turning the potatoes while the steak grilled. Since I don’t have to worry about cooking them, I was only trying to get a crispy skin, you see. I kept that up even after I pulled the steak, added a pat of butter and let it rest inside.

Then I feasted! The steak was perfect (but it always is, LOL) and the potato had a nice crunchy skin, just as though I’d baked it. I think I invented this, but even if I didn’t, I will remember it for next grilling season.

B___ called and we chatted for a while, since its been a while. I talked about the family reunion and he talked about their color tour up in the UP.

We hung up just in time for me to watch the Red Wings first season game. We won 2-1! So, I went to bed full and happy (and I have two more leftover “baked” potatoes). Life is good!

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