Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thank God It’s Friday

(I like to spell out the whole words, instead of using the acronyms, as I did for Thursday’s post. I think it makes me sound pompous. Now if I could just find some pipe tobacco!)

Friday’s weather was a repeat of the last four days: Cold, windy and with a small amount of precipitation.

I went to Time Out at lunch, so I could then go to Harbor Freight. I wanted some cheap storage bins for the garage. I didn’t find what I had envisioned, but I found some that might work.

After work, I treated the cats and changed shoes. Then I put in another hour out in the garage, sorting stuff on the shelving units. I got the easy one done. Now comes the hard one (screws, bolts, and nails).

After watching the news, I made my dinner. I was about sick and tired of pot roast and/or pasta salad. So, I made some good old tuna and peas. I put them on top of wide egg noodles (unlike my Mother who, my Brother Carl likes to remind me, served them on top of toast).

Next, I spent some time on the computer, paying bills, and making weekend lists. I realized I have a lot of errands to run Saturday morning (sigh).

I couldn’t find anything on TV that sounded interesting, so I grabbed my book and heading into the living room. I sat in the recliner with a lap blanket and read until about 10:00 p.m., and then I went to bed.

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