Monday, October 14, 2013


I woke up too early again, but this time I didn’t fight it. I got up and wrote out the long Blog entry, while drinking coffee. I shaved, showered and got dressed for action!

But, I watched the morning news until 10:00 a.m. and then I finally got going. I made the chili, which was fairly simple since I already had the meat browned. The hardest part was letting it simmer for 1 1/2 hours, but stirring it every 15 minutes (I used the stove timer so I wouldn’t forget.

I stripped the bed and started the last load of laundry. Then I swept the whole house (I love that Shark sweeper!)

I started cleaning the bathroom but first I had some demo to do. I am sick and tired of trying to clean the glass shower doors and getting the mold off the rubber seals, etc. So, today they are coming out. I was very careful not to damage anything and I kept all the hardware in a plastic bag that I taped to the rails. Since I now have met the garbage gremlins, I thought I’d help them out by keeping things together.

I scrapped off as much of the silicone caulk as I could. Then I drilled out the plastic screw thingies they had put in the tile. I filled in the holes with more clear silicone caulk. I wish they made that in grey!

Then I wet down the edges of the tub (especially where the bottom aluminum channel was) and sprinkled that with good old-fashioned cleanser with bleach. I misted that so it would get going quicker and took a break at that time to let it work.

I had a bowl of the cooling chili for lunch and then got started outside. I fertilized the front lawn for Fall. I can’t do the backyard just yet (you’re supposed to wait 4-6 weeks after germination of grass seed to fertilize) so I put the spreader and the fertilizer in the shed.

Sidebar: When I fertilized in the Spring, I used straight Scott’s fertilizer and there was implicit instruction to wait until the lawn was dry. So, that’s why I waited until 2:00 p.m. this time. But, I was using Scott’s Weed and Feed now (the topsoil introduced a whole crop of a variety of new weeds to my lawn, you see). And when I just checked the instructions to see what setting to use on the spreader, it said to either water the grass first or wait for a heavy dew! Sigh… It went down, anyway. Maybe it will rain again, sometime soon…

After that, I took my crip grabber and a 5-gallon Home Depot bucket and started picking up black walnuts. Note to my Brother Carl: Since you seem so interested in making use of them, please, PLEASE, feel free to stop over with any of your minions you can muster and pick up all you want!

Carl: Inside a black walnut

I got three buckets full and spread in the vacant lot before my back gave out (I really needed that massage). So I quit. It was 4:45 p.m. So, my Sunday main project (getting back to the bike) will have to wait for another day. I was too crippled up to proceed with that effort.

Note: those three buckets constituted less than half of the front yard (not to mention the driveway, the side yard or the back yard). It has been a banner year for black walnuts!

Back inside, I washed up and put the bedding back on the bed. Then I opened all the windows (even though it was only 69 degrees) so I could make dinner.

I set up my breading station with flour, egg and cornmeal and got out my catfish filets. I made a box of Uncle Ben’s Original Wild Rice as a side. Once the oil was hot enough, I fried my fish.

I ate the fish topped with hot sauce and the wild rice. It was excellent!

I cleaned up the mess and then went in and watch “Machete” with Danny Tejo. I forget what you call them, (what it grind house movies? B-Movies?) but it was one of those. Campy, violent and sexy. I liked it a lot better than going back to work on the tub! I’ll just take my shower downstairs in the morning.

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