Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I woke up to the alarm and with a light drizzle outside. There was talk on the news about fog, but I never saw any.

It cleared up by noon, though, when I went home for lunch. I made the last pulled pork sandwich and I will definitely miss them!

When I got home after work, I checked the rain gauge. In spite of all my driving difficulties, I only picked up another 1/4 inch of rain from yesterday. To put that into perspective, the “average” rainfall in September here is three inches. We’ve had a total of 1.2 inches so far (and it’s the last day of September). So, we are a bit dry around here.

I took the trashcan out to the road and went in to change clothes. Then, I got back to housecleaning. I cleaned and oiled the fireplace and then the mantle clock. Since I had the rags already wet, I rubbed the kitchen table with wood cleaner, and then when it had dried, oiled it as well.

I belatedly remembered the half-round table and the antique mirror in my entryway (or is it a foyer? I dunno). Wherever they are, I cleaned them and then oiled them.

I stopped at that point to finish the living room. I mopped the floors with my dust mop, sprayed with Endust. I took a couple of breaks to shake the dust mop off on the front porch. Then I was done, so I went to watch the NBC Nightly News at 6:30 p.m.

I made the last of the leftover ham slices, along with Swiss cheese, lettuce, coarse-ground mustard and rye bread into a sandwich for my dinner. I was out of BBQ chips, so I fixed my last blue box of mac & cheese for my side. I put mac & cheese on the grocery list and sat down to a good dinner.

I finished in time to watch “Stagecoach” on TCM. It’s a 1939 film starring a very young John Wayne and directed by John Ford. I’ve seen it hundreds of times before, but it’s a classic and I enjoyed the hell out of it again. Then I went to sleep.


  1. You are one cleaning machine....do you want to come to my house when you run out of things to clean?

  2. Don't hold your breath! I ain't nearly caught up with cleaning just yet. Besides, didn't one of you kids tell me you have a maid service? Sorry, I mean a cleaning service. That "maid service" is one of my fantasies, not yours...