Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday, Monday...

Well, I did take my shower downstairs Monday morning, but I didn’t like it! I really don’t like changes to my routines. I guess I’m getting old.

The cold front that moved through on Sunday left this morning’s weather a little more chilly than the weekend, but it was still a nice day.

I did return my doctor’s phone call. That’s when I learned that the rather vague letter that was sent out from St. John’s Health Care System was misleading. She’s not moving to “another area of medicine,” she’s just moving to another office. She said that, since I have been so loyal a patient and always driven so far to see her, she thought she would offer to stay my doctor. Now, her new office still won’t be all that close. It will be in Madison Heights, which is still a hike from here. But, it’s about 30 miles close than Richmond! I gladly accepted.

Since it all won’t go down until near the end of the year, she said she would send new prescriptions to CVS for that I have at least a three-month supply. I thanked her and told her to disregard my goodbye note that would be coming in the mail.

I went home for lunch after a quick stop at Home Depot to buy one of those razor blade window scrapers. I need it to clean off the rest of the caulk residue in the bathroom. I know I have at least one, probably two or three, at home already, but I can never seem to find them when I need them. I made a sandwich for my lunch and then went back to work.

The afternoon passed slowly, as Monday afternoons are wont to do. But, finally it was 5:00 p.m. and I headed home. When I got there, I took out the trashcan and then carefully leaned the shower doors, rails and hardware baggie up against it. The garbage gremlins had it all gone within an hour, BTW.

Inside, I treated the cats and changed clothes. I opened up the window scrapper and got to work on the caulk. I tried to get it all off the face of each tile and out of the grout lines. Then I scrubbed the tiles and the tub with cleanser and a brush. I rinsed that mess all off and washed everything with Pine-Sol and a sponge. Then I washed the toilet and the bathroom floor as well.

I took a break to let everything dry and watched the last of the Nightly News with Brian Williams. I sat on the bed, assembling the shower curtain, liner rings and shower rod. When the bathroom had dried out, I put up the shower curtain and took a picture to show you the results. [Photographer’s Note: The bathroom’s too small to get a head-on shot, so I apologize in advance for the bad angle.]


I finished up just before 8:00 p.m. and ate the last of the catfish and rice for dinner, watching a taped TV show.

After that, I couldn’t find anything all that interesting to watch, so I switched to reading until I went to bed at 10:00 p.m.


  1. Thanks! Wasn't prepared for how dark it is inside now, though :(