Saturday, October 5, 2013

Friday Follies

Apparently, a bowl of soup and a chunk of bread for dinner was not filling enough. When I woke up Friday morning, I was starving! So, I skipped the usual oatmeal and nuts and made three soft-boiled eggs. It did cut into my morning rituals and time, but it was worth it.

It looked like rain, for most of the day, but it never did It did get warm though (it was a high of 80 degrees F.)

I just went to Time Out again as I had something to do at lunch. I had the fish and chips (which is always good) but was disappointed to learn they were out of malt vinegar. WHAT?!? How can you advertise fish and chips and be out of malt vinegar? If this was England, the villagers would have gathered and burned the place down to the ground!

Then I went to one of my antique shops, looking for old books. I have a new idea for a project that will require old books. I did find the ones my Mother forced on me up in the attic, but they are “sets” so they all look alike and would not be interesting enough.

I would prefer leather-bound old books. I did find a collection on sale on eBay, but they were in England. There were three days left in the auction and it was up to 40 pounds (I don’t know how to make that cool little symbol) which I think is about $60. That doesn’t scare me, but I imagine the shipping costs would be astronomical!

And, good luck finding a reasonably priced leather-bound book around here that isn’t a bible. Since I am going to basically deface them during the project, I figured bibles were off-limits. I don’t mind going to hell for some of the fun/bad things I’ve done in my life, but “defacing bibles”? I’d be laughed at and not allowed to join the tough gangs or something.

Anyway, I only found four old books (not leather-bound) that I thought might work. So, then, the owner and I haggled (he knows me). He had the oldest marked at $20.00 and the others at $6.00. I ended up buying them all for $27.00.

The afternoon went slowly until about 2:30 p.m. when Vicky came in with her baby Yanessa. Vicky has to come back to work next Friday and she had some paperwork to drop off at HR. So, I held Yanessa for a while. Since I don’t know Spanish, I was reduced to making funny faces and silly noises to make her smile and laugh. Of course, she will now grow up thinking all old white guys are idiots…

Back home after work, I started working on the computer. I balanced my check register, created the weekend ToDo list and made up a short grocery list of items I am out of. Meanwhile, I baked the rest of the bacon. I had opened the package for the spicy Tuscan soup, if you recall.

I warmed up a can of roast beef hash and topped it with two fried eggs. It was delicious! Unfortunately, I ate it all. I have GOT to work on that whole “portion control” thing!!!

By the time I was finished, it was time for the Red Wings game. That was a nail-biter! We were losing 2-1 until, with 17 seconds left in the game, we scored. The tie took us into overtime and we won!

There was nothing to watch that could top that (well, the Tigers were playing on the West coast, but watching that game would have taken me way past my bedtime) so I went to bed.

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