Friday, October 11, 2013


I saw an article on Yahoo tonight about how the Beatles song “I want to hold your hand” was written. And that triggered a memory (I don’t know why) of my first house on Harrelson in Mt. Clemens.

I was living there, after my divorce from my first wife, waiting for it to sell. The only furniture in it was my Grandmother’s little table, with folding leaves and two chairs in the kitchen. That eventually ended up at my Mother’s house in New Baltimore, after she cut the legs off down (she was famous for that) to fit her wheelchair height.

I also had a cheap-ass pool table in the living room (with a press-board top instead of slate that dipped into each pocket) and my first guitar, strung with nylon strings. We used it as a dart board when I wasn’t playing it. It looked like somebody shot it with a shotgun loaded with bird shot. I don’t remember where I got the darts…

I got my bed from my buddy Danny (long dead now) which was a used basic water bed (no heater, no “cells” to stop the waves and so on).

And I only had two decorations. One was a poster I bought that was a picture of a shot glass of whiskey that said “Breakfast of Losers!” and the other was one I made myself.

I bought some poster board and inked in a picture of a lady-bug (not exactly a “beetle”), under that, I wrote in the Beatles lyric, “I get by with the little help from my friends.”

I thumb-tacked them to the walls.

Now, I don’t miss the pool able or the waterbed (they were both crap – although, come to think of it, I had a lot of fun on the waterbed and got damn good at pool on the table with nothing better to do) but I wish I’d saved the posters and the guitar…

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