Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Frustrating Saturday…

I woke up Saturday morning, with a plan. Hell, as you know, I ALWAYS have a plan. Jake called early (before I had even had a chance to shave or shower – but don’t tell him that. I don’t want to gross him out) and we talked about work (his and mine). I ate soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Then I shaved, showered and left for the morning errands.

But, the postman came to the door just before I left. He brought me my new, right-sized antique Triumph t-shirt! Cool!

BTW, it was in the 30's with an occasional rain shower and really, REALLY windy.

First stop was CVS to print off 17 pictures of the bike. Why? Because I want to get my title, but don’t want to pay a fortune in taxes. According to the Secretary of State, I have to bring in the NADA downloaded value of the bike, which said it was worth $3,000.00! Jake had suggested previously that I bring in pictures of the bike to show it was NOT a $3k bike.

But, both photo terminals froze up. This should have given me my first clue to go back home, get into bed and pull the covers over my head and call it a day. But, the friendly counter lady said, “Oh, that happens. I’ll just shut them both off and restart them.” 10 minutes later, one came back up and I processed my “proof.”

I left there and headed to the Secretary of State Super Center at Farmington and 6-Mile. I was only a little upset at losing time, because I didn't want to get there early. I’ve done that and been stuck in a line that winded outside, around the strip mall that the office is in. So, I was okay that it was 10:30 a.m. and not the 9:00 opening time.

But, I wasn’t expecting the line would still be outside, with people huddling under awning and umbrellas, trying to fight off the cold and rain. I sat there, without parking, and counted 63 people OUTSIDE. So, I left. I’ll take my chances at the Westborn office on Wayne Road at lunch sometime during the week.

From there, I went to Gordon Food Services (or GFS) and picked up some plastic bowls, and two tubs of pretzel rods. I wanted the bowls for our Halloween party at work (sort of self-created since we all have to watch a 17 minute MSDS sheet safety film). I had either the brilliant thought or the stupid idea of getting everybody together at the museum at lunch and watching it together. My boss went one-step further and issued a chili cook-off challenge. Bring it on!

But, we’ll need bowls…

And the pretzel rods were for me at home and me at work. I am supposed to be “maintaining” my weight, if you remember, and these constant (but admittedly welcome) donations of donuts, bagels and Halloween candy are not helping. I thought a snack I could nosh on at work (and share) that wasn’t that bad might be helpful…

From there, I went to find this “Power Point” electrical supplier my electrician said was at the Northeast corner of 8-Mile and Inkster to get some new Push-o-Matic breakers. Um, no… I drove up and down 8-Mile a half mile each way and didn’t see ANYTHING that resembled an electrical outlet store. So, I tried Grand River (they’re right next to each other at 8-Mile). Still nothing. WTF? If I was to guess, I think he had 8-Mile right, but the wrong cross street. I’ll have to call him on Monday and get better directions.

So, I drove to my last stop, the Post Office. Thank God they were still there and open.

Finally, I got home again. I treated the cats and treated myself to another cup of coffee. I was standing at the sink, drinking my coffee and gazing out at the back yard when I saw it. The wind had snapped off a good-sized cottonwood in the vacant lot next door and it had fallen across my fence!!! Dammit!

Before I did anything, I called my insurance agency. Never having used Home Owner’s insurance, I figured I’d better check. Unfortunately, I have a $500.00 deductible. So, it would probably be cheaper to take care of this myself.

I got on my coat and work gloves and took down my bow saw. Damn, it was quite a mess. I took some photos for you first. 

Then I estimated the furthest point I could cut the trunk on my side and still have the weight of it tip it back over to the vacant lot from whence it came (I knew I could never pick it up). But, first I had to cut several branches off the main trunk.

Then I got started on the trunk itself. Did you ever cut through a 10-inch solid tree trunk with a bow saw and a bad shoulder? I don’t recommend it!

But, I finally got it done and the damn trunk tipped back over and off my fence. My fence now sags down about a foot in that spot and looks like shit. I’ll have to figure out how you can replace the top rail and then fix it one of these days…

There was still a ton of large branches in my yard, though. But I was worn out. Before I went in, I took a photo of my neighbor's "burning bush." Beautiful!

I went inside and had some pasta salad for lunch. Then I took a nap.

When I woke up, it was raining again, and harder this time. So, tree removal will have to wait. Instead, I went back in the garage and started sorting though the next set of shelves. As I said, this is the hard one because it has all the various-sized nails, screws, bolts, nuts and so on. In all honesty, I’m not trying for “perfect” but “better organized” would be nice.

I quit at 6:30 p.m. so I could watch the Nightly News. Then it was time for the Red Wings game. I watched that to the bitter end and it was a bitter end. We lost 3-2 in overtime.

I watched a taped DIY show to get in a better mood before I went to bed.


  1. Show us the shirt! Please do shave and shower first this time.

    For photos I need to print, I find it easier to upload to Walgreen's site and order from there. That way you know they're done and you can just pick them up at the photo counter.

    Power Point is at 20741 Inkster Road in Farmington Hills. It's just north of 8 mile, set back from the west side of the street.

    This doesn't feel like the first time you've had to cut up a tree like that. Maybe time to invest in a little chain saw. You can use it for ice carving, too. Here's some info on top rail replacement:

    Here's hoping Sunday goes better for ya!

  2. @ Jake: Thanks for all the good info! I Googled the Power Point store afterwards and all it showed was one in Auburn Hills that had nothing to do with electrical supplies. How the hell did you find it?

    Regarding the shirt, I had planned on posting an action photo yesterday. First, I had to find the manual for the camera so I could see how to use the timer. When I did, all it showed was where the timer button was, not how to use it! Stupid. So, I had to find the Kodak site on the Web, then put in the correct model number and download a big pdf. file. By that time, it was getting dark and I decided to wait until today (Sunday) to make the attempt.

    Thanks again!

  3. If you cut the trunk in 18 inch pieces, I will come out and pit it up!!
    (in 2016 using the bow saw)

  4. @GPF:I have about 3/4's of the mess in my yard cut up into your 18" specifications. it would have been nice to know you wanted it BEFORE I dropped the biggest chunk of the trunk on the other side of the fence. As long as you have a way to split it, I will go over the fence and retrieve the rest for ya. Please note: As I said, I still have about 1/4 of the wood left and I only have about a trunkful for you.

    Also, have you checked out cottonwood? It seems pretty hard, but I dunno if its good to burn. It might be like pine, that burns quick, but loads up your chimney with crap.

    If you want it, I still have to go get my slow cooker and towels from Melissa. i can drop it off on the way there, or the way back...