Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yeah, we all KNOW what day it is…

Wednesday was a perfect Fall day here in Southeast Michigan. I didn’t go home at lunch. Instead I went to the Time Out and had a Rueben sandwich and fries. Then I took a nice slow ride through Hines Park. I was surprised (and somewhat saddened) to see how many trees have started to change colors.

After work, I went out back to check on the new grass seed. The ground was damp, but the straw wasn’t. So, I ran the sprinkler for a little while to wet that down.

When I checked on the grass in front, though, it was definitely still damp. So, I didn’t water it. I have learned that over-watering new grass can lead to rot. I didn’t go through all this just to have it die on me now!

I tried to find a good “before” picture of the side lawn, but only had one from just after the compost project.

After Bobcat Adventure
Seeded and Covered with Straw
Grass as of September 18th

Back inside, I started a mini-project, refinishing a wall mount. I had bought an old-fashioned barometer and wanted to put it in the living room. But the wall mount is high-gloss pine. As you know, everything in the living room is dark wood. So, I need to strip it and refinish it.

I sprayed on the stripper and let it sit. Then I scrapped off a lot of the old finish with a paint scrapper. However, not all of it came off. I went in the house before applying the second coat and the phone was ringing.

It was my daughter Melissa. We hadn’t talked for a while, so we made up for it! By the time we hung up, it was much too late to do the second coat. It was even too late to eat dinner. So, I had a snack of peanut butter toast and then went to bed.