Thursday, September 26, 2013


Wednesday was another great Fall day in Southeast Michigan. Cool and bracing in the morning and warming up nicely in the afternoon.

I went to the Time Out for lunch. Then I took another drive through Hines Park. This time I took my camera to show you I wasn’t kidding about the trees turning already. I think I drove the other motorists and the bicyclists crazy, because I kept slowing down, then pulling off the road. Please see the previous post.

When I got home after work, I took in the barometer mount and hung it up (now I just have to find the directions to see how to put the rest of it together, LOL). Then I went out front and checked on the screw for the gargoyle plaque. The mortar had hardened, So, I hung it up. I like it!

I started the Wednesday night wash. Then, I checked on the ground out back and it was still damp, so I didn’t water. I checked on my garden and the peas are coming up nicely. Sadly, whatever was eating the ripening tomatoes got three more! My neighbor Rick was out back and gave me another butternut squash. I admired his 20-foot wide burning bush, which is rapidly turning red. Rick said this was the earliest it has turned since they moved in!!

Finally, I harvested all the chives. I put them on a half sheet pan, got the scissors, a trash basket and an aluminum bowl. Then I started sorting the good ones from the tough or dried-out stuff and snipping them into the bowl. I couldn’t get Scruffy to stop eating the chives, though. I just hope he doesn’t barf them up. It took almost an hour, but I finally was able to freeze an entire quart baggie of them.

Two bad things happened: The whole house smelled strongly of “chives” and I got a blister on my thumb from the scissors. I sprayed the house with lemon scented Oust (well, everything but the bathroom. I don't recommend that and you probably know why). But, I couldn’t do anything about the blister.

I hung up and folded the clothes when they were dry. I had planned on making dinner, but didn’t plan on the chives taking near that long. So, I just warmed up a chicken pot pie, instead.

Then I watched the pre-season hockey game at Joe Louis between the Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins put in all their first string players while we used all are rookies. Of course, they clobbered us 5-1, but it’s a pre-season game, doesn’t count and a good way to show new players what they are up against (at least that’s what I kept saying to myself the rest of the night).

Sidebar: Its interesting to be in this new division, but I will miss the friendly rivalry between Canada Cathy with her Calgary Flames and myself!

The game ended just after 10:00 p.m., so I shut off the TV and read my new magazines until bedtime.

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