Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two Things

1. Campbell's Soup has announced they are going to make soups that can be made in a Keurig single serve coffee makers! You will put the packet of dried ingredients in your mug and the hot broth will come from the serving cup! Genius!!

2. They just announced one of my favorite TV personalities, Bill Nye, The Science Guy, will compete on "Dancing With The Stars." I've never seen the show, but may watch it just to see him again!


  1. 1. Sounds terrible but I want to try it. With someone else's Keurig.

    2. Nye is the guy!

  2. Am I confusing him with someones else, or was he the guy who wore the t-shirt with the bones on it?

  3. lmao. That's Slim Goodbody.

  4. Slim Goodbody, eh? I think he's gonna be on American idol...