Friday, September 27, 2013

Thursday’s Tale

Another repeat of perfect autumn weather! I went home at lunch at lunch after stopping at Kroger’s for some Honeycrisp apples they had on sale. So, after my afternoon walk, I ate one. Damn those are good!

I raced home after work so I could get some work done at home. First, I went out back and watered all the new grass seed in any area that wasn’t still damp (I am now worried about drowning the grass seed instead of helping it to sprout).

Then I went out front to cut that grass. I pulled the push mower out on the garage apron, checked the oil and filled it with gas. That’s when I noticed a small box sitting on the porch bench. Huh?

I took it inside and opened it up. It was a vintage Triumph motorcycle t-shirt, from Jake and Carla (of course).  It’s really cool; a neat color and even has the word “Detroit” on the back! Perfect to wear to the family reunion this Sunday!

Well, maybe not. It was the wrong size. Fortunately, it had a return label inside. So, I went back out, fired up the mower and cut the whole, new in places, front and side yards.

I bent over and picked up a black walnut to chuck into the vacant lot (like I’ve done a million times). Unfortunately, this time, I threw it awkwardly from that bent-over position and pulled something in my shoulder. OUCH!

I finished up and the lawn looked great! Its still bumpy, but you can't see the ruts. I went inside about 7:00 p.m. The phone was ringing, but hung up before I could get to it. I checked and it was Jake, so I called him back. He was just checking to make sure I got the shirt. He (like myself) checks the tracking numbers and knew that it had been delivered, so he wanted to make sure I knew it was out there.

He was a bit bummed to find out it was the wrong size. Hey, no blame, no foul. I lost a lot of weight with that back problem and even I am a little confused at times what size I do wear.

But, he was even more bummed when I said I wanted to wear it to the family reunion. Because (according to him, anyway) I never emailed him about the date! So, I have to explain to my brothers that Jake and Carla might have been there except for my screw-up!

Sidebar: I am going to check my Sent file!

I ate another pulled pork sandwich with BBQ chips for dinner. I had a lot of trouble lifting my arm up (just in certain motions) and it was difficult to fall asleep. I hope to God I didn’t tear my stupid rotator cuff again!

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