Sunday, September 1, 2013

That Sanding Table Top

I mentioned that sanding table top in my last post. I am no longer sure why or when I bought it. But I have used it over and over on various projects, as far back as the wagon wheel clock. I have cut out little squares so I could fit clamp in odd places and one end is missing a chunk.

But, its a nice piece of birch veneer plywood. And, since I am not planning any more projects this year once the bench is done, I was thinking about what I could use it for. Then it dawned on me that it might make a great Halloween decoration. So, I sketched out a pumpkin in the unused spaces, along with eyes, nose and mouth. I don't know it you can see the pencil marks all that well on the photo, though.

If I get the time (and the inclination) I'll cut it out with the saber saw, paint the pieces and assemble it.

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