Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sweating with the Oldie

It only got down to 75 degrees F. overnight, so Tuesday morning was a little warm. But, it got progressively worse through the day. Walking outside at 10:00 a.m. was uncomfortable; walking at 3:00 p.m. was brutal! I kept telling myself that in four months, I would be wishing for a day like today.

I went home at lunch and ate a sandwich.

When I got home after work, I took in the empty trashcan and then went inside. I treated the cats, changed clothes and then started to water the wilting container plants. Since my English garden was looking a little peaked, I didn’t just use the hose to water the new grass seed. Instead, I hooked up the oscillating sprinkler and watered the entire front lawn and gardens.

Now, I was going to paint the rocker, but it was just too damn hot in the garage. So, instead, I lightly sanded the polyurethane on the rockers and applied a second coat to them. Then I went inside and watched the NBC Nightly News. When it was over, the timer I had set for an hour went off. So, I went back into the sauna and turned off the water. I disconnected the sprinkler and put the regular spray nozzle back on. Walking backwards, I wet down the seed and straw in the side lawn.

From there, I dragged the hose back and watered the new grass around the shed. Finally, I hooked up the soaker hose and then turned on the water. I went inside and set the timer for another hour.

Sidebar: My neighbors had the right idea of how to handle 93 degrees. They were in their pool with some friends and drinks!

Inside, I warmed up the other two cups of chili in the microwave and then ate dinner. My original idea was to eat the chili and a baked potato. My Brother Carl told me years ago he liked getting that combination from Wendy’s. But, his portion of chili must have been smaller, because eating the chili was all my tummy could take.

I went out in the dark and turned off the water when the timer sounded. I’ll unhook the hose tomorrow. I watched some TV, but turned in early again.

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