Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday, Sunday…

I woke up at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday. The house was warmer than usual and I found out why watching the morning news. It only got down into the 60’s last night and was still muggy.

Coffee, the news and the Blog took up most of the early morning. Then I stripped the bed and got going on the Sunday morning chores. After taking care of those, I made some soft-boiled eggs for my breakfast.

Then I washed up the Dutch oven and the blender parts I left soaking overnight. I shaved, showered and washed the bathroom sink, mirror and toilet before I got dressed.

I took a break to fill out two checks to mail to various doctors (these were the result of the cat bite incident). By then the bedding was dry, so I started the final load of the weekend in the washer and made up the bed.

It wasn’t until after 11:30 a.m. that the clouds cleared up a bit and the sun started playing peek-a-boo.

I went out back to put some things in the shed, and that’s when I saw it! I had concentrated of the roof and siding yesterday when inspecting for falling branch damage. But, today I noticed that branch had, in fact, hit the shed on the end of the gutter. Damn!

So, I got out the step ladder and a pair of pliers from the shed, went up and bent it back. It’s nowhere near perfect, but it will do.

I also noticed that the shrub I’d moved from the front of the house years ago (where it was dying) to the back corner of the rear addition had another growth spurt this year. I am so pleased with the shrub’s recovery, BTW. But, I took out the pruning shears and gave it a haircut.

Bush Before

Bush After

Finally, I wheeled the birdseed and straw out back. I dug out the birdseed can from the shed, relocated it to the fire pit pad area and put the 40# bag in it, along with the plastic up I’ll need to fill the feeder this winter. I put out the shepherd’s crook the feeder hangs from as well. I left the feeder in the shed, though. It’s not time to start feeding them yet.

The straw went into the shed and I locked it back up. Then I moved to the garage. I counter-sunk holes in the rockers in the spots I thought needed screws. I pre-drilled the holes and then finally put in the screws. I filled in the holes with wood putty and then set the rocker outside in the sun to dry.

While I was waiting, I put on my boots and then put down the Ground Clear on the weeds and grass in the driveway. I barely had enough! I put the jugs in the trash, took off my boots and went inside. It was 2:00 p.m. and I was hungry. So, I used a cucumber from my neighbors to make two cucumber sandwiches. I ate those, cleaned up the mess and hung up the clothes in the dryer. I turned on the Lions game and watched it from time to time. The Lions did a LOT of bonehead things, and yet still managed to win. Amazing!

Back outside, the wood putty seemed dry, so I started sanding with the orbital sander. I finally had to switch to my detail sander. When I was finished, I turned on the air compressor and blew all the sawdust off.

I got a piece of Visqueen and set the chair on it, face down, so I could paint the rockers. Now, every time I’ve painted it before, I used spray cans. But, since I have the leftover shed paint (which is also almond), this time I’m brushing it on. I got everything painted that I could while it was in that position.

Then I moved onto the main project for the weekend: Cleaning the crud off the bike. I hadn’t gotten into it while the motor was still attached, as I didn’t want to make anything rusty (or should I say, “more rusty”). But, since the engine’s out, I had bought a cheap electric power washer.

So, today, I learned how to set it up and use it. One thing I didn’t understand was that you can’t use the soap feature with high pressure. Huh? So, I moved it into the driveway, and sprayed the piss out of it with water. Then I sprayed on the soap. I let it sit for a while and then hosed it off. Hmmm… better, but no cigar. So, I got a bucket of hot water and Pine Sol and a nylon brush. Better in some spots, but not on the crud. I tried steel wool (a little better) and then finally a wire brush (much better). I rinsed it off and let it sit for a while to drip dry.

I took the hose and wet down all the new grass seed out front. I put the bike inside and closed the garage up for the night. Then I went out back and around to the side lawn and watered the hell out of that. I finished up by watering the grass around the shed. I turned off the water and went inside for the night. It was 7:00 p.m.

I processed the photos and posted some of them to Facebook in my 1968 Triumph Restore album. Then I went to find some Sunday supper.

I had thawed out some of that Wendy’s Chili I made and froze a while back. So, I ate two cups of that and a brat on sourdough bread with deli mustard. Not exactly gourmet, but good.

I watched Breaking Bad and then Mountain Man, which had taped earlier. Then I went to bed!


  1. Wow! Bike looks a thousand times better already. Fenders look like they're in good shape. Probably have it on the road by October.

  2. LMAO! Oh, you beautiful dreamer...