Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go…

Sunday night, the Channel 4 weatherman said it would be hot on Monday, with a “slight” chance of showers in the morning, but clearing up before noon.

Well, I drove to work in the light rain. I had to walk indoors at 10:00 a.m. because it was still raining. And, when I left for lunch, it was still raining! And, it was NOT hot, it was damp and cool.

I went to Westborn and got a few things. Then I went home and made a BLT. The BLT was excellent, BTW!

It did stop raining enough to walk outside at 3:00 p.m. But it was still damp and cool. Hey, I wasn’t complaining. That just meant I didn’t have to water the grass seed tonight! 

When I got home after work, I took the trashcan out to the road. I went in, treated the cats and changed clothes.

Then I went out to the garage and the rocker repair. I had thought about it all day and discarded the idea of turning it over and finishing painting it. Why? Because the rockers split and I had to fix them. If you remember, I put a piece of wolmanized wood on the bench bottom because the indoor/outdoor carpet occasionally gets wets and I didn’t want it to rot. Well, if you look at the repair photos, you would probably realized (sooner than I did) that the rocker split due to water damage.

So, instead of finishing the damn thing tonight (as planned), I lightly sanded the bottom of the rockers. Then I got out the polyurethane and brushed a thick coat on them. That “might” take care of any water damage. Either way, I had to let it set at least overnight.

From there, I moved on to the mysterious electrical problem with the six outlets (come on, you remember, right?) It’s been a while, but its time I revisited that. Now, as you remember, we have determined its not the nearest plug in line from them to the fuse box. And its not anything up in the attic.So, I took the front off the fuse box and checked every wire (I think this is the second time I’ve done that) that leads to a fuse. All of them were live. (Dammit!) That means the next step will be busting out drywall in the garage wall so I can trace the wires back. (Groan).

While I was putting the fuse box face back on, there was a big commotion at the rear of the garage (by the workbench). I looked and it was a squirrel! I don’t know if he just got in while the door was open, or had been stuck in there over the weekend, but I chased him out! Stupid squirrel!

I went inside and preheated the oven to 350 degrees. I took the three baking potatoes I bought at Westborn, punched holes in them with a fork and covered them with canola oil. Then I covered them with Kosher salt. I stuck them in the oven on the open rack and set the timer for 40 minutes.

I got the power washer box from the garage and put a couple of items I had in it for Goodwill (if you remember, its not a good idea here to put empty boxes of pricey items out to the road as it might give thieves ideas). Since they didn’t fill it up, I went to go into the attic and look for other things to donate.

But, when I went to pull down the ladder, the decorative rope broke! Damn! 

So, I got a kitchen chair and a fork, climbed up and pried it open enough to get my fingers in and pull it down.

I found a few more items I was willing to give up and then went back downstairs. I got out the other end of the decorative rope that I had saved, threaded it through the little hole, tied a big knot and put the ladder back up.

I took the baked potatoes out of the oven and proceeded to make more of the ham and broccoli egg cups.  The recipe’s on the August 3 post, in case you forgot.

I have been accumulating a list of “tech” movies I thought that, as a member of the IT staff, I should see. So, I went online to Netflix and found NONE of them were available! WTF? How am I supposed to keep current on my job?

In case you were wondering, the list was as follows (spoiler alert: I already discounted the Matrix movies as “techie,” but too far out): “Social Network,” “Sneakers” (which I have seen, but wouldn’t mind seeing again), “Hackers” and “Real Genius.” I guess I will have to check Pay-Per-View or rent them. Are there any video rental stores still in existence?

When the egg cups were done, I put in some broccoli (left over from the egg cups) and garlic in the oven to roast. I know I saw this on Facebook, but have forgotten who posted it.

You simply put a chopped head of broccoli (I didn’t have quite that much left, of course) and 2-3 (I used 4) minced cloves of garlic in a baggie. You add two tablespoons of olive oil, some salt and pepper to that and shake the p*ss out of it. You put them on a cookie sheet (I used a foil-lined half sheet pan) and roast in the oven (on the top rack) at 375 degrees F. for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I made my real dinner (finally): a Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot pie in the microwave (the oven’s been pretty busy tonight). I ate that with some of the roasted broccoli (crunchy and delicious, BTW).

I watched one taped TV show, but when it was finished, it was already 10:30 p.m. so I went to bed.


  1. "Are there any video rental stores still in existence?"

    I would try Redbox. There those things you see at grocery stores or near CVS. There is one near you on 29555 Plymouth Rd. in Livonia. You walk up to the machine and search for movies and pay with a credit card. Once done viewing you return the DVD back to anyone of the RedBoxes. I hope this helps. XO

  2. Ah, Thanks! There's one in my Kroger's and I'll check it out.

  3. Try looking at each outlet that's not working, starting with the one closest to the fuse box. Had one that the contractor used the stabb's on rather than screwing down the wire to it and that was the problem. I replaced the outlet and all was well.

  4. @ RPG: Thanks, I'll try that (as soon as its cool enough to work in the garage again, LOL).